Currently – August 29th

I didn’t take part in last week’s “Currently” link-up, mostly because I couldn’t find connections to, like, four of the five topics. That’s cool, though. I’ll be linking up more sporadically now that school will be getting underway, anyway. Life’s like that. It’s been a fun summer, though!

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I’m needing to do some cleaning before heading back to school (or at least during fall). You’d think I would’ve focused on that all summer, but instead I focused on spending time with Hadley, getting my blog in order, and a handful of other fun things. I’m also better at that sort of thing when under a time crunch. At the same time, the whole family has come down with a virus, so I’m also in need of some rest. Oh, the juxtaposition! 

I’ll definitely be missing spending all my time with Hadman (and the luxury to work on my own “work” rather than lesson plans, teaching, returning books, shelving books, ordering, organizing, etc.). I count myself SO very lucky to have a job, and to have the summers to my own devices, but it doesn’t mean I won’t miss the time with Hadley the Precocious.

Reading an array of books this summer, I’m nearing the end of Marmee and Louisa (about Louisa May Alcott and her mom), finding it to portray a very bittersweet life for both women and completely dragging Bronson Alcott through the mud. I’m not sure if there’s an agenda since the author is related to the maternal side of the family, but if it’s all based in truth, the guy was a transcendental schmuck. Very well-written, though.

I’m also finishing up Blog, Inc. which I thought would be a lot of “yeah, I already know that,” but actually have found tons of value to it. I also stumbled on the author’s YouTube channel by complete accident and have found myself watching her short-but-inspirational videos for a heart-lightening. No wonder her blog’s called “Oh, Joy!

I’m hoping that we all start to feel better soon. We both came down with a virus, although his sicknesses always put us on high alert thanks to his febrile seizure last year. His illnesses also tend to jump straight to croup conditions, which is what immediately happened this time. It’s weird. He can go to sleep totally fine, and an hour after he lays down starts having a barking fit. Out. Of. Nowhere. Poor kid.

We’ll all enjoy playing together and laying low on Monday before the craziness starts again. We’re not the types to get together for a huge family barbecue on Labor Day, but maybe we’ll do a picnic or some such fun, if we’re all feeling up to it.

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