Hadleyisms #2

Happy birthday to my big sis, Mary, today!!!

Anyhoo, back with some more silly moments with our 2-year-old guy. Why, hello, crappy Photoshop skills.

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After watching an episode of Daniel Tiger about empathy…
Me: How do you feel today, Hadley? What are you feeling?
H: Apples. Nanas. Knees. *stares at me*

(Apples and bananas are the answer to all life’s little problems these days. Not the actual foods; just the words.)

M: What do you want to be for Halloween, honey? (asking with far too much excitement)
H: Apples! Ooohh!! Apples. Or Nanas. Uh-huh.

Here comes Fruit of the Loom boy.

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Daddy: (Getting him up from naps/bed 90% of the time) Good morning, Hadley!
H: Gooooood moooorrning!!!! Mama! Hi!! HIIII!!! (as if he hasn’t seen us in years)
D: How did you sleep?
H: Niiiiice! Nice!!

How was your lunch? How does Beardslee’s fur feel? How are you feeling? “NICE!” Adorbs.

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Our favorite Hadleyism lately is “tada!” Finish going on the potty and displaying his “talents”? TADA! Eat a piece of pancake? Tada! Build a Lego tower? Tada!

Daddy gets home and the excitement literally can’t be contained. Running aimlessly around the living room, H exclaims, “Dada! Big Bird!! Toes-yitties-eyephant-potty-yancakes…” runs into kitchen followed by the sound of a face-plant on the floor. Deflated but happy “Tada!” comes from the floor. We lost it.

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Aside from these, he’s just got SO MANY WORDS. I can’t even keep track. Say something and he tries out the word. There are times I look at him and think, “You’re learning English. You’re understanding. You’re not like a tiny baby from another country who understands two words I say!” I know it’s normal, and what we expect, but man. And the kid knows every letter you show him. (Z is sometimes S, but we’re working on it.) You can sing the alphabet and stop on a letter and most of the time he knows the next letter. He can count to thirteen.

Strides, folks. Strides.