Currently – February 6th

No, really! I’m working on my Week #6 post on our Real Food Challenge, but it probably won’t be up until tomorrow. Maybe later today. I’m not sure. So, I decided to do a super-quick, no-graphics “currently.” Just for funsies. 

this weeks themes:

smelling, drinking, wearing, making, loving
Smelling – Nothing. I’ve been smelling nothing. Sorry, folks, they can’t all be winners. (Count your blessings. I could’ve been writing this near our cat pans.)

Drinking – Huh. This has made me realize that I’ve been drinking more wine than usual lately. When I make a good meal (which, lately, is pretty regular — snaps all around!), we often feel like celebrating it by pouring a glass of wine. Dave drinks a bit of red wine for his heart health pretty much nightly (that’s his story, at least), but I’ll do any combination of red and white, as long as it’s on the sweet-ish side. Lately, it’s been kinda “local” Bully Hill, a NYS wine.

Oh, and I’ve also been drinking coffee any day that I feel the need for some extra motivation. Which is often. I’m not usually a coffee-drinker, but lately the plight of book piles has been heady at work.

Wearing – It’s funny. My weight hasn’t changed and I’m by no means pregnant, but I’ve only been able to wear a select few pairs of non-squishy-pinching pants lately. Tummy bulge is real, people. Can I blame it on a kid who is no longer a baby? On a positive note, I’m wearing my favorite outfit today, which tends to bring a smile to my face and make me think I’m actually part of the 21st century: skinny jeans, worn brown boots, a white t-shirt and my favorite coral blazer. Oh, and a necklace, just for the hell of it.

Making – I’ve wanted to start making more fun things and doing craft projects with Hadman, but there’s always the fact that time seems to fly, be it on the weekends or evenings. Curse you, bathtime; curse you. I mean, the fact that I grabbed a couple of pieces of paper and said, “Okay, let’s color and draw!” the other night and we had a fun time making a “spaceship” together doesn’t feel like it counts. Does it? Maybe. Luckily, I forced him into child labor to get a couple of Valentine’s Day gifts painted a little while back, so I guess we’re fine.  

But, guess what. I’ve also been making some extra cash on the side lately. Pssshhhht. I know, we shouldn’t speak of such things, but being able to actually write and earn and save (and hopefully splurge on a DSLR camera) is a fun, surreal if not slightly scary thing. That said, I’ve gotta find a bit of balance because every night I’m either working on a blog post or article and would like to get in some quality time with Dave once in awhile.

Loving – I’m loving lots lately, actually. Aside from the givens of loving my family and feeling lucky just to be alive, there are the simple things. Next week is a dress-down week at work (jeans = more productive; I kid you not), we’ve got a week-long break after that, I’m getting together with my sister for a much-needed “date” tonight, and there may or may not be a little side trip in the family’s future one of these days. Life. Is. Great.

I’m not s’much loving my lack of motivation. I’ve been getting done with I “need” to get done, but I’ve got ideas on the back burner and cleaning and fixing up of the house that I just haven’t been able to get off my behind to get done. I do try to do the “Okay, I got some stuff done, I’m allowed to just SIT” (which usually entails working on something else on the computer, ie the gigs I mentioned above), so it’s not like I’m getting nothing done. But, the other stuff. I hate to say it, but I may start getting up earlier. *gulp*  

Feel free to chime in with what’s “currently” going on in your life in the comments, or respond to any of my weirdness. Have an awesome weekend, guys!

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Currently / 12.19.14

Hiya, folks! If you’re stopping by from the linky party, thanks and it’s great to see you. Here’s this week’s themes:

Currently - February 6th - image 26b5d-currently on

I’m currently LOVING the fact that today’s the last day of school before a two-week vacation. Sure, the day’s jam-packed with singing in the teacher’s chorus, squeezing in a quick class, the nerves of having my husband invited into school to do one of his famous readings of “The Polar Express” (and watching my 2-year-old in the process), and my usual classes, but there isn’t a real complaint in the mix. Oh, and I’m even going for one of my 2-3 times-per-year hair cuts tonight. Exciting stuff, people. Ex-citin’.

I’d like to think that READING more would be high on my list of 2015 goals, but I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself since I always seem to have at least a half dozen books going at a time…and rarely find myself completing a single one. That said, this was shared on FB by one of my librarian buddies (for those that don’t know, I’m a school librarian by day) and sparked my interest. UGH! So many great ideas to go after on that list, but to avoid the inevitable failure, I’ll aim for a handful this year. Maybe that’ll be doable.

Lately, I’ve been CHOOSING between sleep and getting projects done, and guess what’s actually happening. Right. Neither. While I’m waiting for that bolt of energy to strike me motivated, I sit there spinning my wheels while staring at a computer screen (only half getting anything off-topic finished). So, I’ll have to work harder than Santa’s elves to get a couple of the handmade projects I’ve got planned for Hadley done in time!

Hopefully, I’ll be DESIGNING several things in the new year: a new website, re-designing the blog (still doesn’t feel quite right…what do you think?), but most importantly, myself. Internally. Not, like, a superficial makeover, but a total rehab of the good ol’ interior. Mhmm.

WONDERING if I’ll actually have the guts to get some stuff published this year. Wondering if I’ll have the motivation and guts to write more, and to try for some freelance gigs in 2015. Wondering if it really matters. Wondering what my focus needs to be, aside from the usual musts (family and friends). But, more importantly, wondering if we’ll have a white Christmas this year. (We weren’t supposed to last year, but we had an unexpected, unpredicted coating that filled me with joy and excitement. This year, there’s a chance for a storm, but it might include ice and rain, sooooo…)  

Do tell! What’re you loving/reading/choosing/designing/wondering currently? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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Currently 12/5

Yo, homies. How’re things? This week has been good…but a little anxiety-ridden. Just lots going on at work, plus I’ve surpassed the point of being on top of everything for the holidays.

Okay. Gonna add my voice to a very controversial issue here, and you may not agree. (Nope, not police violence and judicial inequality.) I truly, truly enjoyed watching the highly entertaining dancing and singing on last night’s “Peter Pan Live!” No, really. The live tweets were equally as amusing, but since I was OBSESSED with our videotape of the old Mary Martin version as a little girl (I almost think it was my “first musical,” even before “Annie”), there’s a soft spot in my heart for the show. Even with the hilarity of Walken and far too grown Lost Boys and an at-times scary-eyed Allison Williams, it was awesome. Besides, anything beats the Carrie Underwood debacle last year.

My cooking has been pretty boring lately. I officially have what I would define as quasi-picky eaters in the house (husband included), so I’m in a bit of a rut. I cooked a whole turkey and all the Thanksgivingy fixings last Saturday so that we’d have our own leftovers (and that I’d know that, yes, I could actually handle cooking a turkey – imagine that, I did it!), but otherwise we’re in a rotation of homemade soups, chili, salad-and-sandwich, pasta breakfast-for-dinners (I think that’s Dave’s least favorite of all), and the occasional ACTUAL meal (meat + starch + veggie). Any suggestions that aren’t too outlandish (and aren’t full of processed stuff, if possible) are greatly appreciated! 

I’m pretty sure I’m losing my mind. Usually, I use December as a low-key month with few projects, fluff holiday stories (which, admittedly, I enjoy) and even the occasional movie during library classes. This year? Idiot. Moron. Dumb-dumb. I’ve got a research project for my older kids (ALL of them; giving them just enough time before break to complete), then a unit for two other grades utilizing a biographical book that I usually just read and discuss (activities! assessments!). My little ones are getting a break with awesome read-alouds, but I’ve also delved headlong into things I’ve put off or have been behind on, so yeah. December ain’t a low-key month anymore. Also, can’t wait to grade all this stuff come Christmas break. Damn it.

Speaking of minds, clearing mine has been a bit impossible lately. Again, work stuff piling up and dealing with things that give me tons of anxiety. Makes me think, then wake up at 3:30 in a sweat, then have a hard time falling asleep…rinse, repeat.

Dave will be sharing reading duties with a friend from his old job, presenting “The Polar Express” (and probably another book) for kids tonight at our local Barnes and Noble. It’s become a fun tradition, but this year feels a bit different. I’ll also be trying my best to prepare Hadley to SIT THE FRICK STILL while fully preparing MYSELF for the fact that he’s a super active 2-year-old who knows what he wants — and that is to be the center of attention who would much rather be running around than having to share storytime with other kids. (He listens to books every night, but it’s always on our bed and for some reason a different environment changes his behavior completely.) And, really, I shouldn’t expect him to be ready to sit still, but we’ve talked about it and my fingers are crossed.

So, what’re you guys up to this weekend? We’ll finally be getting our tree, and I’ll do some shopping with Hadman (he has to buy a couple of presents still ;-)). I also foresee at least one good old Christmas movie, hot chocolate, and maybe some gift wrapping since I’m super behind on that. Am I the only one? 

Currently {11/21}

I figured it’d be fun to take part in the fun that is “Currently” about every month or so. Plus, it’s fun to get a little personal and current-eventy and introspective from time to time. Or, not s’much. So, please. Come along.

Oh, and you may notice that, for some weird reason, my list isn’t synched up to the other blogs linking up today. Um, whoops! I have no idea why that is. I grabbed the list from another blog that links up, but…yeah. I’ll do better next time. 😉

Currently - February 6th - image c8025-currently2b1121 on

Just last week, I finished reading, of all things, a juvenile chapter book from the “Dear America” series. It’s the first book I’ve been actually engrossed in and was able to finish in a day (thanks, minimal vocabulary!). On one hand, I’m a tad embarrassed about that, but on the other hand, I’m all “I am woman, hear me roar!” So, yeah. That said, I’m still trudging through our Dick Van Dyke memoir. (He’s a great writer, but I’ve been slowing down in my reading.)

I’m thinking about what handmade gift I’ll be making for Hadman this Christmas. I’m between two things in my head, but am leaning in one direction: it will involve felt. Oh, yes. It will. The other thing will probably be a “when I feel like a project” type of thing. It’s way less fun. And, yes, I’m being super secretive. Neener, neener! 

I’ve been feeling pretty tired this week thanks to our annual Book Fair. It’s a one-man-band scenario, so it’s sometimes hard to get a bathroom break or grab my lunch (and I’ve had classes still coming in most of the week), but I also tend to feel energized by the thing. How can that be? Anyhoo, it’s kind of my mental kick-off to the holiday season. At the same time, I’m feeling super excited every time a new gift shows up in the mail, knowing I’m getting on top of my $#%@. Feels purdy good.

I can’t wait to be eating (that’s poor grammar, I know) that Thanksgiving feast. This year is my “mom’s year” which just means we’re going there for the meal (and probably small dessert), then off to Dave’s family’s to have more dessert and hang-out time. While I pretty much enjoy most of the fixings on Thanksgiving (boiled squash, not s’much), my absolute faves are the stuffing, gravy-gravy-gravy, and *homemade* pumpkin pie. Oh, yes, I’m very much a pie snob. Must be homemade. I’ll eat others, but I will die a little inside. 😉

OF COURSE, I’m dreaming of the holidays ahead. The fact that we (Dave and I, both!) have TWO WEEKS OFF again this year at Christmastime is insane and awesome (and I’m sure I’ll be sick of it by the start of week two). I’m doing well with my shopping, although I’m still planning a Black Friday excursion, even if to just one store. *I didn’t say Thanksgiving shopping, BTW, so don’t raise an eyebrow at me.* Side note: Totally had a weird dream about being at the March for Freedom with Martin Luther King, Jr. back in the day, although I didn’t see him for a second, was just surrounded by a mass of people in super realistic clothes (I could feel the fabric as they brushed by me, so real!). It was an out-of-body thing, totally.

So, what about you guys? What’re you reading/thinking/feeling/eating/dreaming lately? Share in the comments! Let’s chat!

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Currently – Sept. 19th

Howdy, folks! How’re things? They’re peachy here. No, really. They are! This week has been a mix of fast and slow, busy and bored, frantic and calm. And it’s been good.

Currently - February 6th - image 42fbf-currently2bleaf on

While I’m not usually a “talk on the phone” person (my 13-year-old self is dying laughing at me right now. DYING. How badly did I want my own phone line?), I’m hoping to start calling friends and family for a little chat here and there. My brother’s birthday is tomorrow, so I hope to shoot him a line. I’ve got a long-time friend I want to touch base with. Otherwise, for some strange reason, autumn is the “let’s have people over! Let’s go DO something with someone we love!” time of the year, so we’ll be checking our schedules to see who wants to have some play dates and grown-up get-togethers. Fun!

Is anyone else loving the new Ken Burns’ doc on the Roosevelts? I know I’m not the only one, given how much buzz it’s getting. I just wish I could focus more on it. It comes on right as we’re putting Hadman down for the night (which entails him talking or calling for us for a good hours thereafter), and, of course, I’m immediately exhausted and have a handful of other duties I’d like to perform at the same time. Like Internety stuff. But, I’m still getting lots out of it. Our family has a couple of Roosevelt run-ins (on both sides of the family, egad!), so I tend to perk up for them. Yay, Progressives!

It’s fall, right? So, eating excessive amounts of baked goods and comfort foods is totally acceptable, right? RIGHT?? I’ve made ham and potato soup, banana blueberry muffins, a tenderloin, and more…during a busy workweek. And I haven’t written a single post about any of them. #bloggerfail

While I had hoped that we would be found riding around the countryside doing Fall activities, stocking up on farmers’ market goodies, and generally enjoying family life, the weather looks impeccable and unusually warm. This, of course, means that we’ll be taking advantage of it to do some paint touch-ups, weeding, pulling up of the failed garden, and possibly planting some mums (generally Fall-ification). Y’know, a responsible, not-too-fun, adult weekend. 😛

Given the “fun” ahead this weekend, can you tell that I’m wishing and hoping for a few wonderful family-oriented experiences over the following few weeks? You know it. Hopefully getting some of the un-fun chore stuff done soon will make doing that awesome stuff even nicer. Plus, some of it goes hand-in-hand. Like, this weekend I’ll pull up the weeds and get stuff ready, then when we’re oot and aboot, I’ll grab mums, pumpkins, and other autumny goodness to decorate with to finish it up.

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Currently – September 12th

Wait. What? September 12th? Is that even…is that even right? checks calendar Yup.


Let’s do this thing, shall we?

Currently - February 6th - image 12d79-currentlysept12 on

The leaves are far from falling quite yet, although there are snippets of mild color changes on the horizon. We are totally a fall family. It’s our favorite season (although I’ve admitted before that just the change of each season is my favorite); so much so that we got married in October. Needless to say, we’re itching to get out for leaf-peeping drives, pick out our pumpkins, drink some cider, and do a million other fall-centric things…SOON.

That said, while this season is our favorite, when you’ve got a wedding to attend and the temperature all week says it MIGHT hit 60…what the hell do you guys suggest wearing?? Is a sleeveless dress with a sweater enough? Stockings are a definite…thanks, Princess Kate. I think it might be an outside one, at that, so…yeah. It’s times like these I’m jealous of my suit-wearing husband. Suggestions in the comments, pleeeeaaaase!

In an attempt to waste less and use up stuff after its prime, I’ve been making lots of creative meals. And, guess what. They’re oftentimes tastier than the norm. Whodathunk?

I find myself smiling at the simple things lately. Namely, Hadley doing…well, almost anything…and our cats. Hadley’s words are so full of emotion, his absent-minded humming that accompanies his new-found imaginative play just melts my heart. Beardslee had a procedure over the summer that will hopefully leave him healthy for many more years, and his boundless energy and very plentiful head-bunts remind us of his deep soulfulness. Winston, well, he’s Winston, and he won’t be ignored. Jasper’s absolute addiction to having attention and being loved reminds me to take moments for him; he’s so easy to forget sometimes.

Learning is the name of the game lately. Hadley is in a constant state of newness, using language in new ways and discovering that actions cause reactions, and stringing more words into sentences. Also, in an attempt to tackle my library lessons to include regular research skills, there was some palpable learning and connection-making to 9/11 this year. Definite teachable moment.

What’s new with you guys?

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Currently – September 5th

Mwahahahaaaaa!!! I won’t say that I lied last week (because I technically didn’t say I was giving up on my “currently” check-ins); just that I’d be sporadic. And today’s part of that. *wink* That said…

Currently - February 6th - image 5122c-currently on

Anyone else feeling like watching a John Hughes movie? No? Just me?

I’m currently loving Spark People for quick, at-home exercises. I know. I said “loving” and “exercises” in the same sentence. Going insane, clearly. Anyhoo, there are a million videos, and there’s a range of levels (say ‘hello’ to a definite beginner). Oh, and the best part is that I can fit in a quick-but-sweaty 10-minute workout in before Dave gets home with the kiddo. I’m also up for any other “please don’t kill me” free exercise vids. Needless to say, I’m not into those self-punishing sites. Just want to get the blood pumping and energy levels higher.

I hate to say it “out loud” for all to hear, but I am kinda craving the autumn weather, along with its old sweaters and cups of hot things and dead leaf smells. Yup. I guess those first days of school are harsher when the temperatures mock the mild summer you’ve just had. (Dude. It’s going to dance around the 90 degree mark today.) Or, maybe I’m craving one last hurrah to a beach, since I didn’t get an official stick-my-feet-in-sand-and-enjoy moment this summer. Either/or.

Although he was super demanding this summer (and, really, what toddler isn’t?), I’m definitely feeling the burn of seeing Hadman head off to his SUPER patient, SUPER gracious grandma’s house for another school year. He’s starting to understand now where I go (although he’s never visited; I can’t seem to find an appropriate time for him AND my students), and is starting to get that I am spending time with other kids. Big kids. He’s not the happiest about it, but at least he’s pretty flexible. Y’know. As far as stubborn toddlers can be.

I’m questioning my finances right now. Dave and I have been embroiled in plenty of house talk (no arguments or major disagreements or anything, thank goodness) and decisions of when and where we want to move…and how…and all the other important life questions that accompany those thoughts. So, what do I do when I feel like I’m floundering and keeping life at a standstill? Why, visit the internet, of course! Going to hit up Our Freaking Budget some more to get some advice…y’know…for a person who absolutely cannot keep track of her spending and who SUHUUUCKS at budgeting. One of those. (I try not to spend. That’s my current method. “Don’t spend a lot. Then occasionally buy yourself something purdy. (Usually for the house or for the kid, honestly.) Then go back to not spending a lot.” It’s gotten me this far, but we’ve got goals here, people!)

I’m trying not to be a “worrying” person. There’s only so much control we really have over ourselves, but given the sheer amount of worrying that my mother did (single mom + 4 kids of varying ages + very limited funds + a natural propensity to worry) gave me an idea of how I didn’t want to live life. Sure, she was an incredible parent and did an awesome job, but I’ve discovered just how much energy is wasted by worrying. It pops up here and there, at particularly stressful times, but for the most part, I keep it under control…and enjoy life as it comes. 🙂

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Currently – August 29th

I didn’t take part in last week’s “Currently” link-up, mostly because I couldn’t find connections to, like, four of the five topics. That’s cool, though. I’ll be linking up more sporadically now that school will be getting underway, anyway. Life’s like that. It’s been a fun summer, though!

Currently - February 6th - image 4004d-currentlyaug29 on

I’m needing to do some cleaning before heading back to school (or at least during fall). You’d think I would’ve focused on that all summer, but instead I focused on spending time with Hadley, getting my blog in order, and a handful of other fun things. I’m also better at that sort of thing when under a time crunch. At the same time, the whole family has come down with a virus, so I’m also in need of some rest. Oh, the juxtaposition! 

I’ll definitely be missing spending all my time with Hadman (and the luxury to work on my own “work” rather than lesson plans, teaching, returning books, shelving books, ordering, organizing, etc.). I count myself SO very lucky to have a job, and to have the summers to my own devices, but it doesn’t mean I won’t miss the time with Hadley the Precocious.

Reading an array of books this summer, I’m nearing the end of Marmee and Louisa (about Louisa May Alcott and her mom), finding it to portray a very bittersweet life for both women and completely dragging Bronson Alcott through the mud. I’m not sure if there’s an agenda since the author is related to the maternal side of the family, but if it’s all based in truth, the guy was a transcendental schmuck. Very well-written, though.

I’m also finishing up Blog, Inc. which I thought would be a lot of “yeah, I already know that,” but actually have found tons of value to it. I also stumbled on the author’s YouTube channel by complete accident and have found myself watching her short-but-inspirational videos for a heart-lightening. No wonder her blog’s called “Oh, Joy!

I’m hoping that we all start to feel better soon. We both came down with a virus, although his sicknesses always put us on high alert thanks to his febrile seizure last year. His illnesses also tend to jump straight to croup conditions, which is what immediately happened this time. It’s weird. He can go to sleep totally fine, and an hour after he lays down starts having a barking fit. Out. Of. Nowhere. Poor kid.

We’ll all enjoy playing together and laying low on Monday before the craziness starts again. We’re not the types to get together for a huge family barbecue on Labor Day, but maybe we’ll do a picnic or some such fun, if we’re all feeling up to it.

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Currently – August 15th

Dudes. August is halfway over. Practically. I suck at math. And I make completely blatant observations. Hi, my name is Megan, and I’m awkward.

Oh, and I’m working on a bit of a makeover for this here blog, but am having some layout issues. So, all ya get is the new header. Enjoy the cleanliness while it lasts!

That’s enough of an intro, right? Here’s what’s “currently” going on ’round here…

Currently - February 6th - image 41827-currentlyaug15 on

I’m currently searching for rugs. Well. I shouldn’t say “currently” because I’m always searching for rugs. We have area-ish rugs in our sunroom (with boring, thin stripes; too traditional), living room (there’s also a carpet, but I need to ground our seating area…with a rug that’s only slightly darker than the carpet…der?), and dining room (three words: squares, multicolor, scrolls). The rugs in those areas ain’t cuttin’ it anymore, so I’ve scoured Overstock, West Elm,, and about a dozen others regularly to see if I can find a deal. Unfortunately, even the deals are a tad rich for my blood. Plus, when I find something I *think* might work, I question it. I’m just a questioner when I’m spending a couple hundred (each?!) smackers. I drool at Target this time of year, thanks to back-to-school college kid rugs.

On non-sticky and non-comfy/ugly clothes days, I’ve been wearing the crap out of a silky blouse I scored at TJ Maxx recently. I’m not usually a Maxxanista outside of their home goods goodies, mostly because their stuff is super trendy (read: only a model can wear it without looking super awkward…and we all know I’m pretty awkward on my own) or downright ugly. I also always feel like, while perusing their racks, I’m searching the clearance racks at Kohl’s (ya never know what you’re gonna get), where I always leave disappointed. This one, however, has some small navy-and-coral (reddish coral?) prints and is flowy enough to make me feel hip but covered up. And it’s weird because I’m not a “blouse” person. At. All. But, it’s my new fave and has made me think about a few other pieces I should try. Isn’t it awesome when ONE PIECE can inspire you for the rest of your wardrobe? Worth the price…which I forget.

Needing me some full-on motivation. It hasn’t gotten any better since last week. Almost every day has been usurped by some thing or another, so my days of “he’s napping, go paint/dust/pick up/go through something” have halted. I’m to the point where I know I should just finish ONE more project before I head back to school and I’ll be happy. Now, which project will that be…?

{I could totally use two for this one, but I’m gonna get creative here. Watch me!}

Despite a really kind offer from loved ones for their house and a deep desire to do so, we’ve decided to put off any moving plans to the spring. Again, we hope to keep working on our beloved-but-small house while keeping our eyes on the market in areas we hope to move. The two reasons we have to move: Our neck of the woods is getting a tad scarier and just isn’t an area we hope to raise kiddos (not so bad that we can’t wait a little, honestly) and since we do hope to have more kids, it’s just too small (it’s shy of 1,000 sq. ft….plus 3 cats…carry the one…yeah, it’s cozy). The two main reasons to wait: Some big ticket bills will be paid off come spring, so our finances will leave us feeling a lot more comfortable to make some changes, and waiting also means that we’ll be able to look more for the wishlist items we hope to have in our “want to own it a long, long time” house. 

I won’t say that I’ve been eating crap recently, but my husband and son are eating tons better than I am. Our dinners are usually the same thing, but I tend to incorporate more veggies and fruit into their lunches and snacks (and sometimes breakfasts) than I do my own. I just don’t pay any attention to mine. I’ve been carb-based for awhile and I’m concerned it’s starting to show a bit around my mid-section. Squishy. So, I’ll be on the search for a lazy person’s workout routine to get my arse moving (see? Moving?) and try to make a few food changes to see what I can do. Needless to say, we haven’t been as active as we all should be for an adorable, young, spry family. *ahem* She says while eying the innumerable gray hairs springing forth from her noggin.

I’m taking part in the Currently linky party, graciously put on by Ot & Et and Harvesting Kale. Gotta love a party you don’t have to brush your teeth or brush your hair to attend!

Currently – August 8th

Howdy, folks! Welcome back for this week’s “Currently”.  And, yes. I got a big package (while we were away, of course) and the huge ass box is still sitting in the living room…along with a couple of box aficionados.

Currently - February 6th - image 0f559-currentlyaug8 on

I’ve been craving some end-of-summer family fun. Blueberry-picking (Hadley and his daddy’s favorite; I’m not a fan of them as a plain snack, so freezing some for pancakes and muffins is more my speed). More animal-watching at the zoo. Maybe a picnic. A trip to the beach. More ice cream and unhealthy burgers and pulled pork sandwiches at the local seasonal shops before they close for late fall/winter. Oh, yes, it will be done.

Okay, yeah. I’ve been doing the suckiest Donna Reed impersonation as far as cleaning goes lately. My mom does a spring AND fall cleaning — do you guys do that? — and I hardly got the spring stuff done. However, looking around I’m seeing cobwebs and dust that I need to get a-scrubbin’. Since we’re still getting the place ready for possible sale later this year, I don’t want to do a huge cleaning since I know I’ll be doing another one later on…but, yeah. I’ll be chipping away at it before school starts…or maybe after. 😉

I’ll admit it. I’m daydreaming lately. What else is a lazy summer afternoon for? My daydreams usually consist of thinking of the luxury of staying home with the munchkin (all year ’round) and writing to bring in an income. Oh, and having Hadley stay this age and size for at least, eh, 3 more years. That’d be nice. I also recently started a journal, so it’s nice to get some of my thoughts out on paper (literally) and know that they’re safe and sound and left unjudged.

Hadman’s hair was growing like a mop of weeds. My mother and I have given him a couple of haircuts (my last one was a butcher job and I haven’t lived it down…), and he had a more recent “real” haircut (which was more of a trim, actually). So, I finally wielded the scissors again…and massacred his bangs. Crap. The rest looks fine, but thank goodness for hats, amiright? If only I could figure out what I did right the first time… Poor kid. Poor Daddy.

Yup, I’m still reading my Marmee & Louisa book. It takes me FOREVER to finish a book, but I actually think that my goal of finishing a book this summer will be met. See, between watching a toddler and being exhausted by the time I sit down to read (book + past-9pm = zonked), it takes awhile to get through. Plus, Dave says that I read headier stuff so it takes longer. That’s a polite way to say it, but I’ll take it.

That’s the latest around here! I’ve stalled on my outdoor projects, mostly because I got out of the habit of forcing myself to do something everyday after our vacay. So, yeah, I’m back to self-loathing, but I sure am enjoying wasting naptimes to read or watch a movie. 🙂 What’s currently going on with you guys?

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