Currently – September 12th

Wait. What? September 12th? Is that even…is that even right? checks calendar Yup.


Let’s do this thing, shall we?

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The leaves are far from falling quite yet, although there are snippets of mild color changes on the horizon. We are totally a fall family. It’s our favorite season (although I’ve admitted before that just the change of each season is my favorite); so much so that we got married in October. Needless to say, we’re itching to get out for leaf-peeping drives, pick out our pumpkins, drink some cider, and do a million other fall-centric things…SOON.

That said, while this season is our favorite, when you’ve got a wedding to attend and the temperature all week says it MIGHT hit 60…what the hell do you guys suggest wearing?? Is a sleeveless dress with a sweater enough? Stockings are a definite…thanks, Princess Kate. I think it might be an outside one, at that, so…yeah. It’s times like these I’m jealous of my suit-wearing husband. Suggestions in the comments, pleeeeaaaase!

In an attempt to waste less and use up stuff after its prime, I’ve been making lots of creative meals. And, guess what. They’re oftentimes tastier than the norm. Whodathunk?

I find myself smiling at the simple things lately. Namely, Hadley doing…well, almost anything…and our cats. Hadley’s words are so full of emotion, his absent-minded humming that accompanies his new-found imaginative play just melts my heart. Beardslee had a procedure over the summer that will hopefully leave him healthy for many more years, and his boundless energy and very plentiful head-bunts remind us of his deep soulfulness. Winston, well, he’s Winston, and he won’t be ignored. Jasper’s absolute addiction to having attention and being loved reminds me to take moments for him; he’s so easy to forget sometimes.

Learning is the name of the game lately. Hadley is in a constant state of newness, using language in new ways and discovering that actions cause reactions, and stringing more words into sentences. Also, in an attempt to tackle my library lessons to include regular research skills, there was some palpable learning and connection-making to 9/11 this year. Definite teachable moment.

What’s new with you guys?

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  1. The last fall wedding that I attended was pirate themed, so I wore a black sweater with a skirt made of skull and crossbones material and it kept me warm enough until the very end of the night. I think a dress + sweater will probably be fine 🙂

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