Currently – Sept. 19th

Howdy, folks! How’re things? They’re peachy here. No, really. They are! This week has been a mix of fast and slow, busy and bored, frantic and calm. And it’s been good.

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While I’m not usually a “talk on the phone” person (my 13-year-old self is dying laughing at me right now. DYING. How badly did I want my own phone line?), I’m hoping to start calling friends and family for a little chat here and there. My brother’s birthday is tomorrow, so I hope to shoot him a line. I’ve got a long-time friend I want to touch base with. Otherwise, for some strange reason, autumn is the “let’s have people over! Let’s go DO something with someone we love!” time of the year, so we’ll be checking our schedules to see who wants to have some play dates and grown-up get-togethers. Fun!

Is anyone else loving the new Ken Burns’ doc on the Roosevelts? I know I’m not the only one, given how much buzz it’s getting. I just wish I could focus more on it. It comes on right as we’re putting Hadman down for the night (which entails him talking or calling for us for a good hours thereafter), and, of course, I’m immediately exhausted and have a handful of other duties I’d like to perform at the same time. Like Internety stuff. But, I’m still getting lots out of it. Our family has a couple of Roosevelt run-ins (on both sides of the family, egad!), so I tend to perk up for them. Yay, Progressives!

It’s fall, right? So, eating excessive amounts of baked goods and comfort foods is totally acceptable, right? RIGHT?? I’ve made ham and potato soup, banana blueberry muffins, a tenderloin, and more…during a busy workweek. And I haven’t written a single post about any of them. #bloggerfail

While I had hoped that we would be found riding around the countryside doing Fall activities, stocking up on farmers’ market goodies, and generally enjoying family life, the weather looks impeccable and unusually warm. This, of course, means that we’ll be taking advantage of it to do some paint touch-ups, weeding, pulling up of the failed garden, and possibly planting some mums (generally Fall-ification). Y’know, a responsible, not-too-fun, adult weekend. 😛

Given the “fun” ahead this weekend, can you tell that I’m wishing and hoping for a few wonderful family-oriented experiences over the following few weeks? You know it. Hopefully getting some of the un-fun chore stuff done soon will make doing that awesome stuff even nicer. Plus, some of it goes hand-in-hand. Like, this weekend I’ll pull up the weeds and get stuff ready, then when we’re oot and aboot, I’ll grab mums, pumpkins, and other autumny goodness to decorate with to finish it up.

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