Currently – July 18th

This week has been a bummer. I’m not sure why. Well, I kind of do, but some things are private…even in blogland. 😉 But, I’m counting my blessings and that’s totally what counts.

Anyhoo. Along with the “currently”!

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1. I’m working on my saving tactics, once again. The closer we get to possibly moving, and most likely paying far more than we currently do, I’ve gotta get control. Unfortunately, it’s tough when your professional clothes need a major upgrade for the new school year.

Any suggestions on relatively inexpensive — you know, $79 for a blouse ON SALE ain’t a sale to me — and practical/comfy/relatively not matronly (I’m a librarian…but….), give me a heads-up in the comments! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!

2. Ever try closing the parts of your brain that say “No. You can’t do that. You’re not good enough. Why are you even…” (you get the point)? I’m trying to do that. Hopefully by closing those doors, others will open that say, “Wow! You’re cooler than I thought. How great!” We’ll see.

3. Hadley was loving our season pass to the zoo this week! We went yesterday and it just frickin’ rocked. Animals that weren’t around last time were out, it wasn’t too busy, the lions were SUPER close to the fence (SO EXCITING!), and the list of awesome goes on. There’s a tiny building that has animal and nature specimens for kids to “examine” (along with a magnifying glass) that he discovered and I almost couldn’t get him out. There was even a composter and other eco-lessons that reminded me why I’m so proud and happy to be raising such an animal-friendly little scientist. #thankswildkratts 

4. I’m despising how I feel. Anyone else get seasonal mood disorder in the summer? I’ve realized it happens every. Single. Year. It’s not full-blown depression (I know the depths of that well enough), which is encouraging, and it ebbs and flows throughout the summer. Like, isn’t this supposed to be the happy, sunshiney part of life? Especially when I’m lucky enough to have summers “off” with my little man? If you’re feeling me, comment. If not, skip over this one. 😉

5. Since “throwing” Hadman’s party, I’m “throwing” myself into my to-do list of house stuff. Er. “Throwing myself” may be too strong. “Gently sticking my toe into” the list might be better. Seriously, some of it’s super simple and some is super complicated or time-intensive, so it can be overwhelming to think about sometimes.

One at a time. One at a time.

So, how’re you all doing this week? Anything fun happening in your neck of the woods? Anyone else dealing with the summer doldrums or chores they don’t want to do (or escaping to a zoo or other fun place)? Let’s chat!

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3 thoughts on “Currently – July 18th”

  1. Hmmm… well summer depression is not something I'm familiar with, but summer to-do lists that defy all reason certainly are. For some reason, every year I decide that “this will be the year” I'll finally get around to: painting all the house trim, installing leaf protectors on the gutters and re-leveling them, fixing all those window screens, replacing the glazing on all the old windows, re-surfacing the bathtub & remodeling the entire bathroom, replacing the carpet, re-doing the kitchen, landscaping the entire yard, installing a sprinkler system, yadda, yadda, yadda…. I just have to remind myself that the vast majority of it is really not necessary, and I'll just have to slowly chip away it it as my time and energy permit. “Done” is sort of a mythical concept when it comes to that sort of thing anyhow.

    At any rate… my advice on the wardrobe thing is to check out the thrift stores, and/or post a request on FreeCycle. Of course, I wouldn't know what's fashionable (nor would I care) if it stood up and smacked me in the face, so I may not be the appropriate person to ask. But personally, I wouldn't spend more than $5 on a blouse, and even there I'd have to REALLY love it to drop a whole fiver on one…

  2. Love your philosophy on “done”ness! Since we're considering a move soon, I guess I'll have to be resigned to some projects being left undone.

    Thanks for your thrifty suggestion. That'll have to be my go-to if I can't find any new styles in stores. 🙂

  3. I don't have a current need for more “professional” clothing, but if I'm feeling I need a little boost to the wardrobe (which is mostly tshirts and yoga pants! Yikes!) I visit a few of the consignment stores in our area. I have found some great deals and walked away with many outfits. I have an aversion to paying in full for overpriced clothes.

    Our Summer is usually so busy I don't have time to think, but I do feel more blah in the Winter and Spring. Basically for me, it's all depressing until we get to Autumn. :/

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