Currently – June 13th

Every once in awhile — just for fun — I decide to take part in the link-up shindig, “Currently.” It’s hosted by Harvesting Kale (isn’t that an insanely awesome blog name?) and Ot & Et, although I always happen upon it through Christine at Nekaro. I’m thinking I may take part a tad more over the summer, when my brain tends to shut down from the heat and day-in-day-out of chasing a hyperactive monkey around.

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1. This week, it feels like we’ve been hearing nothing but the dappled sound of rain. My husband loves it. I don’t HATE it, but the fact that the weather’s a touch spastic — humid, yet chilly at times, plus the rain. I’m not a weather complainer, really. Bonus: I’m also hearing a constant rotation of Aladdin songs (they were incredibly well-written, weren’t they? Didn’t appreciate that as a kid) and Winnie the Pooh. Aladdin, because my 4th graders are watching it while I do inventory; Pooh because it’s Hadley’s new fave.

2. There’s a complete and utter lack of hinting going on around here. We’re an indecisive lot, for the most part, so when I’ve posed the daily question to Dave as to what he’d like to do for Father’s Day (with vague suggestions that he can even pick from), I get nothin’. Looks like we’ll be spending it with family, which isn’t bad, but I wish I could make it more of a special day for him. He does just so much for us, and while I’ve got some gifts, I’d like to fit in some sort of surprise. My creativity is draaaaaaiiiiined.

3. Work has been nuts lately with our annual inventory, hunting down books and organizing and, this year, weeding. The shelves in our elementary library (where I’m housed 99% of the time) haven’t been, shall we say, “lightened” in…well, many, many decades. Many. While I’d like to get rid of absolutely every book pre-1980 (or later!), I haven’t got the space to put the weeded books. I put them out for teachers and kids to take for free, and I don’t blame them for not being super excited about an obscure poetry book from 1958. So, each time I pull off a book I know hasn’t been taken out since the ’70s, is in rough shape, is inaccurate/irrelevant now (I’m talking about you, Pluto book), or is full of offensive stuff, a feeling of extreme excitement mixed with a pull of guilt and restraint comes over me.

I finally had to give myself a cut-off; anything from the 1950s and earlier, or that is in crappy shape, goes. Next year, I’m thinking of sticking to a Weeding Wednesdays schedule. For busier days, finding 10 minutes to weed a handful would be doable, whereas other Wednesdays an hour would get a lot done.

(See why I don’t discuss library business? Only interesting to myself. ;-)) 

4. I’m hankering to be done grading 5th and 6th grade research papers. I’m just gonna leave it there to avoid saying anything I’ll regret. The only thing of note I’d like to remember for next year: don’t save the papers ’til the end of the year. (They weren’t supposed to overlap into inventory, but that’s another topic.)

5. Lately, I’ve been hoping to finally get some more work done on Hadley’s birthday party. It’s officially one month from today (I love Friday the Thirteenth! We welcomed Monkey into the world on one. Luckiest day of my life.), and need to get to work on his felt food toys. When I had the energy and excitement to work on them, I found myself needing to grade papers or read chapters for the next day. Now that those assignments have died down a bit, I haven’t the energy. Eh, ’tis life. Either way, we’ll have to make some final decisions about where to have the party and who’s invited, then send out the invitations. Luckily, once that’s done, I’ll have at least a couple of weeks after work gets out to devote to decorations and meal planning.

One thing at a time.  

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6 thoughts on “Currently – June 13th”

  1. We have had bi-polar weather here all week! Sun one minute, rain the next. And it's rained in some part, every day! Our yard will never get mowed at this rate. I have asked my husband a thousand times what he would like to do for Father's Day. Nada. No response except the shoulder shrug of doom. Library!! I love the library. The smell, the books… ahhh. And Pluto is still a damn planet. I don't care what those super smarty pants scientists say! I've been wanting to make felt foods and such for my youngest since she was about one. Maybe I might get to it eventually…. 😉

  2. I'm so glad you linked up! Thanks for the kind words about my blog name. I'm pretty sure coming up with that name has been the peak of my creativity.

    I had a hard time thinking of something special for father's day too! I'm pretty sure we put way too much pressure on ourselves because mother's day and so special for us. I think most dad's are happy to just kick it with the family and open a gift or two.

  3. Thanks so much for leaving a shout-out!! You're soooo right about the Mother's Day/Father's Day comparison. Best part of the day (aside that he loved the gifts, particularly a book I can't wait to read when he's done) was him saying, “Are you kidding? You do so much, it feels like every day's Father's Day.” I melt.

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