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Birthday List - image  on https://megactsout.comI haven’t been very focused on the fact that my 30th birthday is coming up in less than a month (ack! May 1st, if you’re keeping track). We’ve been a tad distracted by the growing little being in my stomach. Lots of reading, planning, and even a little chatting going on around here. As it is, I’m not the type of person to chat about “my special day” or draw tons of attention to it. Everyone has a birthday, right? As long as I get a shout-out here and there and get to spend some special time with the hubs and family (whether it be the day/night of, or the weekend following), I’m fine. I actually prefer less of a fuss.
But, the big 3-0 is a pretty big deal. Again, not that I want a fuss (hey, it’s not like I’m taking the day off or anything silly like that), but the fact that I’m the “baby” as far as my siblings are concerned, I tend to think more about them and my mother when the ol’ birthday rolls around. Even my sister once said (when she was asked if she felt old when SHE turned 30), “No, not at all. When Megan turns 30, then I’ll feel old.” Yep.
Not to mention that whole “when my mom was my age, she already had 3 out of 4 kids” thing freaks me out. It makes me feel like I’m way behind on things! I know it’s not a race or anything, but…it’s hard not to think that way. And be overwhelmed.
So, I’m not great at saying, “I want *yada yada yada* for my birthday.” With a baby coming, I want as little cashola spent as possible – and don’t want to have to find SPACE for a bunch of stuff. (Considering that my shower will be shortly after my 30th, and I’ll be getting to that “Whoa, you’re gonna pop, huh?” stage, simplicity is a great thing.) While that limited edition glass-and-stainless-steel pump of Mrs. Meyers’ hand soap looks appealing, my mind is less on “things” and more on “wishes” for the big day (besides, we’re still working on our soap stash from our anniversary trip to Middlebury). So, here’s my birthday list this year:
– A happy, healthy baby. Kinda self-explanatory, eh?
– Baby names. We’ve had some good conversations about names, but I can’t say that there are many (if any) that we’re both gung-ho, in lurve with. If we could have at least one per each sex that we are confident with, I can officially go into labor. (No. No, I can’t. Stay in there!)
– One, count it, ONE night a week where the cats don’t try to kill each other so that we can get some uninterrupted sleep. I know, I know – “uninterrupted sleep” will be a thing of the past when Baby D comes. But, that’s my point! I’m trying to get it while I can!! It’s almost always Winston who instigates it, and usually Jasper as his sparring partner. C’mon, guys, can’t we all just get along?! (We hardly ever hear any distress cries and practically never any hissing, so they’re playing and wrestling as much as anything, but MAN does it wake you up when you hear the “rolling” start.)
– To actually tackle some of that 30 Before 30 list. More for the guilt factor (and the fact that I WANTED to do this stuff!) than anything else. 😉
– To be able to say that I accomplished some stuff over my impending spring break. That’ll be good.
– Overall, a happy, satisfying life. We’re ecstatic (albeit nervous and, at times, overwhelmed) about our soon-to-be-new-family-member, and we’re pretty darn solid as far as friends and family are concerned, but there are parts of our life that feel like an unfinished puzzle. Gotta put those pieces together!
– Continued enriching writing experiences, such as the one I just had as a contributor to Kaia Magazine. I loved writing for them, and already know that I’ll have an article in their upcoming edition, as well! It’s such a great publication. I’m just looking to continue branching out – and, hey, maybe even get a bit of dough in the process! *And a HUGE “Hey, how ya doin’?!” to any folks who are reading this because of the ezine. Feel free to leave a comment!*
– Hmm. Yeah. If I could stop running into setbacks (and I’m a snail in the first place) as far as my bathroom reno (if you could call it that), and finally get the nursery done, that’d be golden.

The neat thing about most of my “birthday wishes” is that I have control over them! (Again, MOST of ’em.) So, maybe I’m just wishing for a bit of empowerment, confidence, and a truckload of motivation for my 30th. Yeah. That’d help.

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