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In my last post, I mentioned (briefly) the fact that, thanks to pregnancy cravings and the such, I’ve fallen off the organic-slash-all-natural wagon. They are but brief interludes in an otherwise quite healthy diet. I mean, if I wanted to go nuts, I wouldn’t have folks demanding I gain more weight. The baby’s fine, I’m fine, and I’m not by any means starving myself; I’ve never been one to do that. Call it laziness or lack of willpower, but I’m just not prone to eating disorders.

Tonight’s a prime example of one of my “whoopsies.” My cravings tend to come from a very psychological place, rather than a physical urge for a particular food item…although, from time to time an irrational “Ooohhhh I need a *insert food item here* from *insert unhealthy food chain here*!” It happens, just not much. So, this evening I was considering what I’d like for dinner, since it would be a solo meal (sans hubby).

My thought process followed this stream: something light…like cereal or a sandwich…ohhh, I’ve gotta use up the organic wheat bread before it goes bad…maybe tuna?…I’ve already had tuna this week, that’s a no-no…ohhhh, egg salad, there’s some good protein…what else MUST one have with an egg salad sandwich?…hmm…Jax with ketchup…but the sandwich will be organic and local (the eggs were from pastured chickens and sold at the farmers’ market), so what does it hurt to have some Jax with ’em?…and organic ketchup, of course.

Yep, that’s a moment inside my brain. Wacky, I know. So, that’s how I came to be sitting here, awaiting my egg done-ness to hopefully enjoy a meal of egg salad (quite possibly on toasted bread, the way good ol’ Grandma used to make it), Jax with ketchup, perhaps some chocolate milk (again, how Grandma served it)…and maybe some strawberry Chobani yogurt if dessert beckons. Let’s forget the fact that when I stopped to pick up my single-serve package of Jax, I also grabbed some Twix bars. *ahem*

See? We’re not all perfect. Sometimes it’s about balance…other times, it’s about simply sustaining oneself…still other times, it’s about self-discipline. Of course, I picture myself being way stricter when the baby comes, but that’s yet to be seen. 🙂 Have you had any awesomely simple organic/all-natural meals lately? Or indulged in something wonderful that was more than worth it?

Side note: The Jax with ketchup thing is not a pregnant whim, by the way. It’s a totally real food category that only a few people (namely, those who attended my babysitter back in the day) understand fully. Let’s just say that hotdog day (cut up, with ketchup) + a handful of Jax = accidental tastiness. Let’s just say a hotdog craving isn’t far behind, but I insist on waiting for this summer, after the little one arrives, and eating a nitrate-free, real beef version. See? I’ve still got standards. 😉

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