First World Issues

Today’s post is probably the most random of random posts I’ve ever shared…and I’ve shared some super random stuff. So, if you’re in a “train of consciousness” mood, follow along. Otherwise, see ya Wednesday! 😉

(No, really. You can stay. Just keep the eye rolls to a minimum.)

I’m perplexed. On my slow-but-constant quest to better this here blog, I’ve stumbled over a technological conundrum.

See, my less-than-a-year-old HP laptop suhuuucks. I had a Dell before that for numerous years and I knew I didn’t want another. Well, now I know I definitely don’t want an HP. The issue here is that I’ve had it so long that it’s not returnable (I assume; I suck at calling customer service #nopleasedontmakeme). Plus, the issues I’m having with it seem to be everyone’s issues with the thing (the touch pad decides to stop working every so often, in addition to other system crashing annoyances), so I clearly don’t want a replacement. After numerous Google searches, it seems to simply be what it is. 

I’m not sure how to dispose of (or possibly sell? Who’d want it?) this one in order to purchase a new one. Wop-wop. 

And that’s where my question turns into a two-parter.

First World Issues - image 1175c-perplexed on

I’ve also been saving my pennies here and there (namely from my work for Green Child Magazine which, honestly, isn’t like work at all) to buy a low-end DSLR camera. I’ve been pining about it for about 2-3 years, and I’m reaching the point where I’ll be able to make that investment shortly. Er. Maybe. 

Since I’m an overthinkerus maximus, I’ve been weighing which option to get (Canon Rebel or Nikon 3100 refurbished or 3200…or something else). But, now that I’m close, I look at the literally hours that I’ve added to working on my writing on my HP Crapfest 2000 and find myself thinking, “Uuuummmm, maybe I should get a replacement laptop instead.”


So, here we are. My first world issues. We eat mostly organic food. We have warmth and comfort (not just in the form of cat heat). We don’t get snowed/rained/hailed on. We. Are. Majorly. Lucky. I’m a brat that I’m even concerned about this, in all honesty.

Yet, I need your help. If you’d like to enable my brattiness (j/k…kinda), please vote on what YOU would do in my situation. Plus, feel free to hit up the comments to weigh in about it, and be sure to add your two cents as to what brands you prefer (either camera- or laptop-wise). Oh, and while I’d love to have an Apple product, it just ain’t in the cards so don’t bother suggesting it. 😉 

Please and thanks!!

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