Technical Glitch

Technical Glitch - image Lets-All-Take-a-Deep-Breath-Shall-We- on

Technical Glitch - image Lets-All-Take-a-Deep-Breath-Shall-We- on

Hey, folks! Long time no chat, right? I’ve been raring to go lately, but when I hit my login to post this week…well, I had an error message and no website. Long story short, GoDaddy deleted my account. I’m taking about 25% of the blame (I should’ve backed up my site more often and taken care of it better), but GoDaddy says they contacted me about renewal – false. That mixed with the misogyny of the technician, and let’s just say that I’ve uploaded my old posts up until about a year ago. Better than nothing, and better than paying them $150 to fix something they should’ve helped me solve instead.

But, I’m determined to make lemonade from this fiasco – which is kind of my motto for 2017. Some posts have been lost, but I didn’t write a ton in 2016, so here’s what you’ll see in the coming weeks and months from Meg Acts Out:

– A new look. For real. A look that encompasses who I am and a space that you’ll actually enjoy escaping to.

– New/old posts. I hope to salvage some old posts from my Google Docs files, so hopefully I’ll at the very least have Hadley’s Dr. Seuss birthday party to remember! Otherwise, I’ve had some posts on the back burner that I didn’t have the chance to post. So, as my art teacher used to call them, we need to have some “Ketchup Days” (Catch-Up…get it?). Come along, won’t you?

– A new motivation for 2017. I’m motivated and excited to start posting weekly in 2017. There’s a lot going on in our lives and lots to share, from our new house and all our awesome plans for it, to our life with the kiddos, to tips and stories from a woman who’s coming up on 35 and STILL trying to figure it all out. I’ll get into this more in upcoming posts, but let’s just all admit that none of us 100% knows what we’re doing or has, well, ANY of the answers.

Says the woman who just lost her entire blog. *scratches head*

So, stick around, won’t you? And ask some friends to stop by. We can share our mess-ups together while I do my best to get back on track. 😉 Maybe we’ll get some simplifying done. Maybe we’ll cut out some of our waste together. Maybe we’ll uncover ways to be more patient with our children. Maybe we’ll discover our best surroundings.

If nothing else, I hope we’ll be able to at least discover ourselves a little bit along the way, and each other in the process.