Our Favorite Toys

Kids can be fickle. Food? Um, always. Cartoons or shows? Change weekly, if not daily. Toys? Completely.

So, today I thought it’d be fun to share our family’s favorite toys. You know. The ones that haven’t been brushed aside for a paper towel tube (a “doot-da-doot”) or one of my cooking utensils (“my tool, Mama!!!”). 

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Farm Animals Sound Puzzle (Melissa and Doug) – Any and all solid, basic puzzles are huge winners at our house. Add to it the fact that the learning experience is enhanced by animal sounds when inserting the correct puzzle piece (does that sound wrong to anyone else??) is icing on the cake. And the day that your kid realizes the sounds will go off if you smack at the sensor hard enough? Priceless. 😉 

Manhattan Toy Peanut Snuggle Pod – Looks can be deceiving. This is THE perfect girl-or-boy dolly. It’s not perfect for the realistic pretend experience (um, no legs to speak of), but perfectly-sized for some nurturing, feeding, and general lovin’. Side note: I hunted for a non gender specific doll for quite awhile and we couldn’t be happier with this one. So that should say something! 

Little People Lil’ Movers Airplane – We love Little People!!! We love them generic or even trademarked (like Batman villains with muffin tops!!). This was one of our first Little People experiences, so add to it the fact that it’s a mother effin’ plane that MAKES AWESOME NOISES and I’m done!! See also: awesome farm!!!

Melissa and Doug Cutting Fruit Set – It’s no surprise that we’re into play food at our house. I searched high and low for a *safe* fake knife for our budding chef. The fact that this came with healthy wooden food that velcros together (making it truly fun to cut) made it impossible to pass up. Oh, and of course he loves it.

Wooden Train Set – Our little guy is a Thomas the Train Engine fan. Okay, we kind of are, too. So, when my friend, Beth, gifted him a generic (yes!!!) wooden set similar to this one awhile back, we were thrilled. The fact that he’s still playing with it religiously should show how much he loves this thing. (Plus, it’s easier than a trip to Barnes and Noble to play with their set!)

Lego Duplo Set – I know Legos might not be the most eco-friendly of items, but I figure these will last into oblivion AND they’re awesome for building hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and imaginative play skills in general. I highly prefer the Duplo versions for a couple of reasons. First, their quality and age-appropriateness. (Seriously, I don’t care if he EVER wants to use the tiny Lego counterparts.) Secondly, they’re what I grew up with at my using at my babysitter as a kid, so they have a soft spot in my heart. We only have about enough to fill one small plastic bin and it’s just enough. No need to get a thousand. And for littler block users, try these B. One Two Squeeze Blocks. They’re great for little hands (and teethers!) and our buddy still loves stacking them. The Tego Magnetic Blocks are great as they get a little older, too.

Green Dump Truck – Girls and boys alike will love this rough-and-tumble, eco-friendly dump truck. Built to last and from recycled materials, this is my favorite of all H’s vehicles. (We also love the airplane and submarine!) And, clearly we don’t push “boy” items on our child (see above dolly), but he just happens to love vehicles right now — and it’s awesome.

What do you think? What did your kids like at this age? Anything fun to add? (By the way, I didn’t add coloring or Play-Doh since it’s hit-or-miss lately.)

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