5+ Great Simple Ideas for Non-Food Easter Goodies

Happy Monday, guys! Can you believe Easter is in less than a week?? Today, I’m sharing a few simple ideas for Easter basket gifts, aside from the candy.

We keep the sweets at Easter to a minimum. Sure, we still enjoy a visit from the Easter Bunny, and our little man definitely gets his fill of candy (a small amount of organic from the Easter Bunny and some of the “traditional” stuff from his super generous grandmas), but as far as what he gets for the day, the candy isn’t the main event.

We don’t treat the holiday like the next coming of Christmas, either. It’s a pretty low-key day for us. We have a couple of family events, so it’s really all about the FUN FUN FUN rather than the STUFF STUFF STUFF.

That said, here are a few of our favorite non-food treats for H to find in his Easter basket that never get old:

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Clockwise from top left:

Urban Infant Chunky Chalk – This will be the first year we take to the streets for some sidewalk graffiti, but isn’t it fun?? Since spring is just around the corner for us (or already underway for some of you), Easter is an awesome excuse to give “think spring” gifts.

Ollie’s Easter Egg – We have multiple of these Olivier Dunrea board books with feature various adorable fowl (chicks, geese, etc), but any books your little one will enjoy (Easter-related or not) will be fine. This is one area that I don’t mind overdoing a bit. 😉

Kids Tool Set – Another beckoning of springtime, these tools will allow the whole family to get their hands dirty this planting season. Yes, it’s messy, but it’s also incredibly fun, educational and rewarding. Toss in a couple of organic seed starter kits (from the $1 area at Target, score!) and up the excitement level.  

Zoe b Organic Fantastic Beach Toys – Any little beach toys or ball or pail will work, but we like to give any new “summertime fun” stuff at Easter time. Feel free to include a floppy hat and sunglasses if you want.

Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Turtle Bubbles – We ALWAYS got bubbles (and jump rope, which Hadley’s too small for yet) in our baskets. Even on the coldest Easter, we’d beg to go outside and blow a few bubbles. It was heaven when it was warm enough to actually do so, but most of our memories involve frozen fingers and very brief outdoor visits.  

A few more ideas…

Clothes – I know, boring, but depending on the season (and if he’s already got sneakers he’s using or not), we’ll include a pair of sneakers or sandals, and maybe one outfit. It’s a fond memory of mine to have our white canvas “play” sneakers peeking out from the top of the basket.

Stuffed animals – We’re not huge stuffed animal fans, so sometimes we’ll reuse a forgotten little bunny or chick here and there. May not be able to do that for much longer, though. 😉

Coloring books and crayons/markers/watercolor paints – This one’s always a hit, especially if you buy a book with some favorite characters. 😉

Play-Doh – I know it’s not super eco-friendly, but just one new canister of a new color blows his mind. Sooooo, yeah.

A figurine of some sort – We’re into the Fisher-Price Little People ones, so we’ll grab one of the two-packs to fit in the basket if he doesn’t have too much yet. We definitely try to keep tabs on how much he’s getting!

I’m hoping to be back this week to share with you some food treats that the Easter bunny does bring. We’re not complete monsters, y’know. 😉 They might just give you some new ideas of what to give your little ones!

Feel free to share any additions you’d like to make in the comments!

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