Boys’ Tees That Don’t Suck

Just when I thought I’d have to either start sewing my own t-shirts for Hadley to wear (nah. gon. happen.) or begrudgingly send him out into the world touting ridiculously high-octane, high-testosterone phrases, I found some BETTER t-shirts. Hey. I’m a mama, and he’s still in the “little boy” (ALL boy, as they say) yet still super sweet, sensitive, untouched phase. I’d rather not plaster him with skulls and sports quite yet. (Or ever, if he’s not into that. Up to him.)

Don’t get me wrong. I think we’re at times pretty hipster in our “How cute! An irreverent shirt for a toddler!” way. But, for the most part, cute, chill, and sometimes funny is my t-shirt preference for the monkey. And the fewer licensed characters the better. But, because of a few “likes” that he has developed, he has one Elmo shirt (gift) and a couple of superhero ones (he pulls Dave’s comic book sets off the shelves and pushes them at him until he “reads” it).

So, a few Throwback Thursdays ago, when Zulily displayed a vintage-themed grouping of t-shirts for adults AND kiddies, I was drooling. Tons of 1980s-themed tees. Mister Rogers’ face left and right. Awesomeness.

Unfortunately, the thing about Zulily is that it’s a timed selling. So, I can’t even track down the images or brand let alone a direct Zulily link for ya. Wop wop.

Another great place that we’ve been collecting hilarious t-shirts is Woot. Just recently, I heard that they went from an “only the voted upon tee designs become worthy to sell” (creating a similar “timed” purchase period…which forces you to either walk away to avoid the pressure or plop down twice what we normally spend on a kid’s shirt to grab it quickly) to a more “normal” shopping experience, but the site still looks the same to me.

Regardless, the price usually has me shaking my head. Dave, however, has plunked down some cash a handful of times on shirts he couldn’t turn down for the monkey. Needless to say we have to wait until he’s a 4T before we can use them.

More recently, however, I landed across some shirts at Kohl’s that made the clouds part and the sun shine through. The sale price was a fraction cheaper than Zulily and Woot (admittedly not all of the choices are as cool, though), so it gave me some faith. And guess what! A few of the selections are actual Woot designs!! Hooray for business partnerships!

Here are some that I’m drooling over for the Hadman. (We own a couple of them, but these weren’t all available locally. On the same token, not all of the shirts I purchased were available to show you online, either…so, until I can get a rad DSLR camera, our little model will just wear his outfits for only us to see.)

Boys' Tees That Don't Suck - image b727c-tees on

See what I mean? Fun. Not too crazy. Oh, and he’s terribly into alligators (chomp chomp) and he knows a dinosaur stomps, so those are kind of relevant in our toddler’s world.

What about you? Have you found any great places for kid threads? We’re obsessed with keeping his wardrobe cute but cheap (all of these t-shirts are currently on sale for between five and six bucks).

Gotta run! Munchkin just woke up from his nap saying “Uh oh!” That’s never good.