Boys’ Tees That Don’t Suck #2

I recently explained my frustration in the current t-shirt situation for little boys, along with a shout-out to Kohl’s for carrying some shirts that weren’t super masculine or rude-sounding that helps bridge the divide.

After the fact, though, I realized that I had recently ordered a handful of t-shirts from Old Navy on sale (always on sale; never over $10, people!) that I was also happy with. Here’s a few of them, along with a few that I saw on their website recently that I also like (but don’t yet own):

Boys' Tees That Don't Suck #2 - image 8bd7c-boystees on

Clockwise from upper left, here are very brief descriptions of why I think they’re rad.

1. He’s almost 2. This says “It’s my 2nd birthday” without screaming it. Plus, he can wear it beyond the big day. #instantbirthdaysuit #notthatwayperv #justkiddingiloveyou

2. Because he just is.

3. We love our (organic) mac ‘n cheese. He’s wearing this shirt today, and I freaking love it.

4. He loves a good chomping animal. (Gotta buy this one when it’s on sale, but anything shark, dino, alligator will do.)

5. Speaking of chomping creatures… Dino + guitar? Fughettaboutit.

6. Because Father’s Day is coming up, and Dad is both of our heroes.

Again, PLEASE don’t let the cuteness factor fool you. I advise that you only buy these when they’re on sale. That’s half the battle here! 🙂