Getting Smart

I’ve done it. Ohhhh, I’ve gone and done it. I finally bit the bullet and got smart.

Smartphone, that is. The iPhone 4, to be specific. (I can’t get hip all at once, can I? It’d be the iPhone 5, if that’s the case. And if you’re reading this post in a couple of years, it’d be the iPhone 79b.)

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After lots of hemming and hawing, I looked at my Verizon Wireless options and saw that I could get one for free, with free activation and shipping. I then Googled whether the lowest data plan should cover me (we’ve got wifi at home, and I won’t be using the thing for anything more than texting at work), and it seems that it’ll do.

Then, I played a game of badminton in my brain.

“Is this thing really going to simplify my life?”

“Actually, yeah. You’ll be able to keep pictures in one place, upload them to your blog a zillion times easier, and the millions of tiny annoyances that your current dinosaur give you will *poof* disappear.”

“Learning curve?”

“Every time you get a new phone, you’ve gotta learn something new. Try it again. Change is good.”

“It’s $30 more a month.”

“Eat out one less time per month.” (At which point I did math and realized that if we stopped eating out one time a month, we’d save around $360 a year…give or take. DUDE!)

“But! Soooo! Faaaancy!!!”

“You’re a grown-up. You’ll adjust.”

For once, I didn’t have that feeling of the guillotine hanging over my head, so I figured it was time. I took the plunge, and it’s on its way. I’m nervous but OHHHHH so excited.

Instagram, here I come. Woohoo!

Now, it’s your turn. Any good apps? And where do I get accessories cheaply? I know there are cheaper options than what they were trying to sell alongside the thing on Verizon, so do tell — car adapter and covers, inexpensively but stylish (the cover…can also just be white) — go!

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  1. haha . . I have these exact conversations with myself. I've wanted an iphone for years, but have yet to take the plunge. I'm just not ready. Everyone I know with one loves it though, so enjoy! 🙂

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