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I thought it’d be fun (fun? I’m a strange human being) to do a quick check-in with regards to life around here lately.

– We’re at 36+ weeks, meaning we’re due in about a month (give or take). I’m not sure if I simply can’t wrap my head around that idea or I’ve just got so much to do yet I’d rather focus on that stuff. I can’t BELIEVE how far we’ve come since I gave Dave the news quickly before a rehearsal last Halloween, both literally (time truly flies) and figuratively (he is SO in “Daddy mode,” and it’s awesome).

– We’ve taken the classes – child birth/parenting, breastfeeding, infant CPR, yoga – and even contacted some possible babysitters, and know who our pediatrician will be. There’s still a buttload to do, though, like decorating the nursery, making some purchases (*cough* stroller-to-replace-the-one-that-came-RUSTED* cough), packing our hospital bag(s), downloading songs, making the crib skirt, bringing in some furniture (can’t breastfeed on the floor! Or, at least, not comfortably), and probably a thousand other things.

I only wish my energy would match all we’ve left to do. Let’s just say that my nesting instinct hasn’t kicked in yet. I’ve seen glimpses of it over the past month or so, but I keep falling back into “whoa, tired” mode.

– I still have a wacky idea that the “perfect” name will come to me, and my husband will agree joyously (note that I said “joyously”), and the clouds will part and harps will play. But, I need no suggestions. We’ve been through a lengthy book, and have determined a handful (each!) of girl and boy names that hopefully will ring a bell when we see the little one’s face. But, honestly, when we hear suggestions, at this point, we grow weary and downright cranky about it. (Plus, if a name we really liked is on the list, and we get cranky, odds are we’ll veto it…we’re a stubborn couple of jerks that way.) Not that anyone reading has made suggestions. 😉 And, for that, I thank you! But, we’ve at least discussed our feelings and realized that we’re completely on the same page about this – it’s a huge decision (yes, Mom, we ARE aware of this fact!) and we’d prefer to have a unique yet realistic name in the end.

– My last yoga class was supposed to be last Friday. The trek out to New Hartford at the end of long weeks has proven daunting, but the yoga, positivity and experience overall are generally worth it. I was thinking “How nice it’ll just be nice to have a few weeks of Fridays to decompress with my husband, and perhaps try out more of the positions and breathing at home.” But, when I mentioned it to my instructor, she mentioned that I actually have two additional weeks coming to me because of a billing scheduling mix-up. (Two free weeks? Nice!) SO, if I FEEL up to it, I’ll continue. 🙂 And, needless to say, Dave was gung-ho about my continuing.

– Our cats are still a huge part of our lives. For some reason, we’re just thoroughly enjoying spending time with them (when we’re able to be home) lately. I think, like when we were going to bring a new “one of them” home, we’re just being aware of the *general* peacefulness of the family and hoping that we can maintain most of it (at least after initial “GAH! WHAT’S THAT?!?! IT’S NOISY AND SMELLY AND CAN’T DO A DARN THING FOR ITSELF!!! I shall hide now.” reactions).

We know that Beardslee is quite mellow, and has dealt quite well with his brothers coming home in the past, AND simply naps when my sister’s little one is around, so hopefully his transition will be smooth. We predict that Jasper will (eventually, at least) be the little one’s “buddy”…especially since he has slept next to the belly almost every night lately. But, he’s a bit spazzy, so that may take time. Eventually, he’s sure to be a toddler’s best friend, though.

Winston, however, is the wild card. He’s currently “the baby.” A very sensitive little guy who has a wicked mean streak (Jasper and occasionally Beardslee get their butts KICKED every morning, usually starting around 3 or 4 am; which I’ve learned must be handled with patience rather than screaming and a squirt gun…parenting tip #1) and is a downright bully at times…but when the others aren’t around, or he gets “in the proper mood,” he’s the cuddliest, sweetest little guy in the house. He’ll simply have to adapt, but I’m hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised by the little guy. (Although he does think that several of the baby’s toys are his, already…along with other spots in the nursery, LOL.)

– I’m enjoying observing Dave’s major transition from regular ol’ Dave to Daddy Dave. (Sounds like a superhero, hee hee.) He’s incredible. One of the few men in our breastfeeding seminar (and not batting an eye about it…although I’m not sure he ever needs to see a boob for the rest of his life, now…hell, I don’t need to). Focusing on what needs to be done. Scoopin’ kitty litter like a trooper. Showing no fear for future poopy diapers. His mind’s IN it. I just hope mine is just as much!- The school year is winding down, and you know what that means. Wait. Maybe you don’t. Alrighty, well what it means in my world is INVENTORY. I’ve still got some classes with the little ones, but they’re sporadic thanks to the end-of-the-year fun (trips, field days, etc). In all honesty, I’m excited to have it all done and be able to focus on baby stuff; it’s been hard enough to drag myself out of “baby brain”, although I’ve been downright lucky with how “easy” my pregnancy’s been, and how work’s gone.

– I’ve contributed, once again, to the awesome online magazine, Kaia! Check it out if you’d like to brush up on your 3 R’s (and I don’t mean readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic).

Be it ever so humble (and boring/dull), that’s the latest in our world. I’ve wanted to post much more regularly, but my brain has turned to Jell-O. Mmm. Jell-O. See? Hard to stay focused. 😉 Anyhoo, I’m hoping to post more, but either way – thanks for reading!

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