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I’m *tentatively* working on a top-secret project for an upcoming edition of Kaia, so for those of you who dislike when I do little DIY decor projects around the house, you’re in luck. This isn’t a post about what I’m doing. ‘Cuz, like I said, it’s top-secret. Dun dun duuuun.

BUT, I do need your opinion. (Ha! You thought I was gonna let you off the hook on this one, huh? It’s still a DIY decor project thing, just not one that I can show ya. Not until it’s published and an amount of time has passed (or I send you guys the link to check it out in the ezine). I so sneaky!)

I’ve got a piece of furniture that I’ll be reupholstering and refinishing. It’s got some traditional (read: curvy…possibly even “sexy”) lines goin’ on. I’d like to turn it into a transitional piece of furniture, mostly because that’s where my style seems to land and I’ll want to find a place for it in my home once it’s completed; waste not, want not. It will tentatively (there’s that word again) feature neutral fabric for the “squishy” area and perhaps some cute lil’ nail heads if the mood strikes me…or a slipcover. Seriously, can you see how good I am with decision-making?

The big “HELP?!” moment comes with the wood. It’s a solid wood piece of furniture, again, with curves (and some intricately detailed areas). I’ll show you some inspiration pieces that have me wondering whether to paint the frame a crisp white, paint the frame a dramatic black, sand it down to a “natural” look (very “beachy” and very “in” these days), or sand it and restain it to spruce it up. After looking at the inspirations, please comment below to let me know: A, B, C, D or E [E is “And now for something completely different” (please offer suggestion if choosing E, please…and name that reference!)].

A) Paint that sucker white, it’s classic and will stand the test of time while brightening things up…

B) In the words of the Stones, “Paint it Black!”

C) Au naturel, baby. Go for a beach vacation in your house, everyday!

D) Keep it traditional. Let the wood shine through. Stain it! (Can’t find any good examples for this, but I’m sure you know what stained wood looks like…right? Hope so!)

E) Example write-in votes include: Zebra stripes. Fluorescent green. Poop brown. Ask the cats; I hear that Winston has wicked style for miles.

And, now, for the “examples” to give you an idea of my thoughts (and, yes, I’m aware that there are ottomans AND chairs – that’s part of the mystique, folks)!!!

Time to Vote! - image DIY-ottoman-after11 on https://megactsout.com
via Pinterest
(“Au naturel” legs…)
Time to Vote! - image  on https://megactsout.com
Source via Pinterest
(black or dark brown…or even stained(?) legs with a neutral fabric)

Time to Vote! - image 6622964145_93727773d9 on https://megactsout.com
Source via Pinterest
(Dramatic black)

Time to Vote! - image  on https://megactsout.com
Source via Pinterest
(Clean white)

Time to Vote! - image camel-velvet-chair-after on https://megactsout.com
Source via Pinterest
(Clean white with neutral fabric)

Time to Vote! - image 237776055296519891_kUKGTXiD_f on https://megactsout.com

Via Pinterest
(Pay no attention to the crazy flowers; just the natural finish)

4 thoughts on “Time to Vote!”

  1. If you go with white, I suggest high gloss. Flat or egg shell will be hard to keep clean. I have painted several older peices of furniture white and while I love the look, I do find fingerprints from sticky little hands takes away from the appeal. Once you have children, your style is now STURDY. =) Chic, beachy, traditional, transitional, whatever but above all STURDY and DURABLE. lol

    My other vote (because I am declaring myself the winner of an extra vote!lol) is E… robin's egg blue. Just go for it. Every room needs unexpected punch and you can always change it later should you grow tired of it. Bringing in a color pop via paint is cheaper than upholstery fabric. I think bright blue is a happy color. =)

  2. I vote white or au natural. However, I think it also depends on the fabric being used to in the reupholstering. Just throwing that thought out there 🙂

  3. In my humble opinion, unless the wood is absolutely perfect (i.e. no unsightly dents or scratches) then it will look not so great painted black or white. Those two colors seem to put a spotlight on imperfections. So, not knowing exactly what you're working with, I'd say stain it. Besides, I think stain goes better with more color schemes. Also, as Kate mentions, white and black will show fingerprints, whereas stain may be a sort of camouflage for sticky fingers. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the opinions, ladies! Kayte – I'd definitely do high gloss, regardless of color. And I LOVE the idea of using an eggshell blue, but unfortunately it'd currently stick out like a sore thumb in our house…I think. Hmm. Maybe I'll check with the hubs and see what he thinks. Either way, thanks!

    Cara – love it! The fabric will be a neutral (I've currently got some canvas and linen-looking fabrics, so something along those lines; use whatchya got! Plus, I think they'll look rad with some decorative nail heads.)

    Terri – Thanks for the stain vote! I'll definitely have to ponder this one… (Mind you, this is the lady who has a white slipcover. I'm a glutton for stress and punishment. ;-D)

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