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This year, we’re not making resolutions in the ol’ cat folk homestead. We’re not usually into the tradition of saying “I resolve to…*fill in the blank*”. I think it’s the inevitable wop-wop sound of defeat when we get too busy to, say, watch what we’re eating or be the kindest human we can possibly be or find time for our dreams. It’s as if you’ve failed, and can’t go back and try again until the NEXT new year. Silly. Humans make mistakes – hence why we need resolutions in the first place, I suppose. And if you’re one of the millions of people who do make them, seriously, good for you! It’s neat to be part of the tradition. Heck, we even did a *version* of making resolutions last year…kind of.

Instead, we use this time of year to essentially recharge and refocus, as do many. We quietly reflect upon the wonderful positivity of the past and vow to appreciate such luck in the future. We consider the negatives that have befallen us and analyze whether they were issues that we can either a) avoid altogether or b) handle with more grace in the future. It can be wonderful…but can also be a very melancholy time. Why the heck is that, anyway?

Dave recently, mere moments after we both agreed NOT to make resolutions, announced a personal something that he’d like to work on in 2012. Being ever the kind, sweet wife, I immediately pounced on him with, “Didn’t you just say ‘no resolutions’?” (I know, I know. He’s so lucky to have me, isn’t he?) He then went on to, in his own eloquent way, define resolutions – I’m paraphrasing here, and please chastise me if I get this wrong, honey – as a certain goal. For example, “This year, I’m going to lose weight.” “In 2012, I’m going to eat more vegetables.” “I’m going to quit smoking, once and for all.” All admirable goals. But, Dave suggested, and I agreed, that this time of year shouldn’t be about goals. It should be more about paths and objectives.

Sure, objectives can be considered the same thing as goals, but we’re redefining it a bit for our purposes – any objections? *ba da crash* I guess I see it as Resolution Lite. (Sorry, I hate the marketing scheme of misspelling words!) If I don’t lose 15 pounds exactly, but instead focus on healthy weight loss, even with the occasional fall off the horse, it’s easier to get back on. Like getting on a miniature pony instead of a Clydesdale. Okay, now I’ve confused you. Ignore that paragraph if you are.

All I’m saying is that I’d much rather focus on getting on the right path to bettering myself versus a certain goal. And, believe me, I know this isn’t for everyone. Some folks truly need an ultimate goal in order to set better boundaries and see it through to the end – but me? I disappoint too easily, and get very down on myself. By remembering that life’s a series of journeys, I can decide to try a path toward a better life and feel a lot better about a smoothly sloping road rather than a bumpy ride that makes you fall on your butt 18 times in a row.

So, how’s about some specifics? My biggest interest for 2012 involves…drumroll, please…FINANCES!

Crickets chirp.

Wow. Seriously, I know it’s boring, but you didn’t have to be so quiet about it. 😛 I know, you probably thought that I was going to say that it involved diet and eating naturally and going to the farmers market and…yeah, we’ve already been working on all those things, and that path has already been tread by the fam. And guess what! We’re STILL traveling on it. That’s just one of the many paths that we’ll continue upon (much like finding other ways to be greener, among others) that will add excitement to the journey. So hold your horses. 😉

I’ve read from many of my blog wanderings that there are tons of folks who have become debt-free. While, again, we don’t need to make a measurable goal out of our resolutions, I ultimately know that it simply wouldn’t be realistic to say, “We’ll be debt-free by the end of 2012.” Between what Dave and I are both paying off, and the incomes that we bring in (our cost of living is low, but so is the local income level), it just isn’t plausible. Heck, we may be able to do the math to determine WHEN we COULD be debt-free…that’d be neat. But, it’s not a goal. I just want to get on top of my darn “what’s coming in, what’s going out” ratios – THEN analyze my “what’s getting saved and for what” junk. And, of course, all of this ties back to our “what do we really, truly need around this joint” numbers. So, when I say finances, it does actually get me more excited than, y’know, crickets chirping. And, hopefully, that’s a good sign!

What else for 2012? A lot of it has to do with what I’m forced to think about every time I look around the house – that being, when this place was built in 1925, folks didn’t have 8+ winter jackets of 5 different pairs of boots (EACH!). Plus, I’m young! I don’t deserve some of the stuff I DO have! It just needs to be toned down (not that I’m not keeping the awesome stuff – I’m truly appreciative, it just needs to find a home within our space). This involves purging clothes. Hopefully sifting through (and getting rid of) anything we simply don’t need. Another garage sale is in the works (our poor, stuffed basement). All that fun stuff. 🙂

Ultimately, if you want to put a label on the year (again, not a resolution, ‘cuz it’s uber-vague…that’s how I like ’em ;-)), I’d call it SIMPLIFY. There are lots of ways to do it. I’ve looked at magazines, seen books, and even noticed a plethora of web sites and blogs that discuss it…then I even saw our friend Cara share this on Facebook! It was like an omen. I want to do a tad more reading up before I decide “Okay, do I throw out 50 things…100…365?” or determine “There’s a better way that doesn’t involve such quantitative results-based actions”. (That’s my one impressive sentence of the year – enjoy it.) But, either way, I hope to write ’bout it, so you’ll get to see all the crap I have. Lucky you. 🙂

So, what about you? Are you making a resolution this year? Are you avoiding them altogether and just living life? Either way, do share – I love it, either way, when folks make up their minds to live in a more positive way. It forces my natural pessimism to take a momentary hike.

***By the way, I just noticed that, while I had completely STARTED a follow-up post actually meant to show the collages (which, yes, I completed in record time and even took pictures of…and, yes, I made more than one) which I never ended up finishing and posting! It’s that whole “insert picture here” thing that sometimes holds me up. My bad, I suck. I’ll be working on that. Sorry!***

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  1. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaahhhh… Don't get down on yourself, you're only human! I look forward to the pics if you post 'em, and if not ::shrug:: I like reading the other things you post. 8^D I already did a blog entry about goals for 2012, so I won't bore you by re-posting them here ;^)

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