Holy Herbage!

I’ve been feeling guilty about my garden lately. I shouldn’t. It was meant to be an enjoyable project to help us eat “locally” (how much more local can you GET?!) and a little cheaper. We learned a lot about gardening this year — like what products go gang-busters in our well-lit little yard and what we actually WANT to grow. I’m excited to plant FEWER tomatoes on their own, in planters, next year. In case you didn’t know, I’m NOT a tomato person, so we’ve been giving lots away. The space that we used as a garden this year will inevitably house more herbs and veggies that we’ll actually eat and use (and possibly more space and plantings for different seasonal items), while a separate crate for potatoes will *hopefully* avoid the blight, proving my true Irish heritage. 😉

So, why all the guilt? The frost. I knew it had hit, and I diligently turned my eyes away from the garden, presuming all we had lovingly planted and plucked to be dead — and how sad is that to see wilted plants? But, to my surprise, when I finally bit the bullet and flip-flopped back to the leaf-ridden garden box, what did I see? HOLY PARSLEY AND ROSEMARY, BATMAN!

Holy Herbage! - image  on https://megactsout.com
*OUR* herbs in a huge pot. The house is permeated with the smell.

(Anyone got some sage or thyme on hand? We could sing some Simon and Garfunkel. BTW, those are on the docket for next year’s garden.)

I’ve got an idea for the rosemary right now, aside from freezing some and handing a bit over to some deserving folks…but you’ll have to wait to see what my rosemary plan is.

Is anyone else as excited about autumn as I am? And not just because it’s my “marryin’ season”??

5 thoughts on “Holy Herbage!”

  1. My parents always planted parsley, but also chives and dill and oregano (Hey, we're from East Utica, you gotta have 'regno! LOL). Mom used to use the dill for her own dill pickles, which I can still remember being canned. I did well growing basil this year. It is so cool to grow your own herbs, though – and knowing what they cost in the store, a huge savings, too!

  2. Thanks, Hutch. And, Bob, EXACTLY! The sticker shock was my #1 reason for growing some herbs. I grew the ones that I currently use a lot of, but am definitely going to try thyme, chives and dill (on top of basil, parsley and rosemary). Man, we won't have a backyard left next year! 😉

  3. You know, just add some windowboxes to your deck and use those as your “herb gardens”. Saves some space in the bigger garden.

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