Currently 12/5

Yo, homies. How’re things? This week has been good…but a little anxiety-ridden. Just lots going on at work, plus I’ve surpassed the point of being on top of everything for the holidays.

Okay. Gonna add my voice to a very controversial issue here, and you may not agree. (Nope, not police violence and judicial inequality.) I truly, truly enjoyed watching the highly entertaining dancing and singing on last night’s “Peter Pan Live!” No, really. The live tweets were equally as amusing, but since I was OBSESSED with our videotape of the old Mary Martin version as a little girl (I almost think it was my “first musical,” even before “Annie”), there’s a soft spot in my heart for the show. Even with the hilarity of Walken and far too grown Lost Boys and an at-times scary-eyed Allison Williams, it was awesome. Besides, anything beats the Carrie Underwood debacle last year.

My cooking has been pretty boring lately. I officially have what I would define as quasi-picky eaters in the house (husband included), so I’m in a bit of a rut. I cooked a whole turkey and all the Thanksgivingy fixings last Saturday so that we’d have our own leftovers (and that I’d know that, yes, I could actually handle cooking a turkey – imagine that, I did it!), but otherwise we’re in a rotation of homemade soups, chili, salad-and-sandwich, pasta breakfast-for-dinners (I think that’s Dave’s least favorite of all), and the occasional ACTUAL meal (meat + starch + veggie). Any suggestions that aren’t too outlandish (and aren’t full of processed stuff, if possible) are greatly appreciated! 

I’m pretty sure I’m losing my mind. Usually, I use December as a low-key month with few projects, fluff holiday stories (which, admittedly, I enjoy) and even the occasional movie during library classes. This year? Idiot. Moron. Dumb-dumb. I’ve got a research project for my older kids (ALL of them; giving them just enough time before break to complete), then a unit for two other grades utilizing a biographical book that I usually just read and discuss (activities! assessments!). My little ones are getting a break with awesome read-alouds, but I’ve also delved headlong into things I’ve put off or have been behind on, so yeah. December ain’t a low-key month anymore. Also, can’t wait to grade all this stuff come Christmas break. Damn it.

Speaking of minds, clearing mine has been a bit impossible lately. Again, work stuff piling up and dealing with things that give me tons of anxiety. Makes me think, then wake up at 3:30 in a sweat, then have a hard time falling asleep…rinse, repeat.

Dave will be sharing reading duties with a friend from his old job, presenting “The Polar Express” (and probably another book) for kids tonight at our local Barnes and Noble. It’s become a fun tradition, but this year feels a bit different. I’ll also be trying my best to prepare Hadley to SIT THE FRICK STILL while fully preparing MYSELF for the fact that he’s a super active 2-year-old who knows what he wants — and that is to be the center of attention who would much rather be running around than having to share storytime with other kids. (He listens to books every night, but it’s always on our bed and for some reason a different environment changes his behavior completely.) And, really, I shouldn’t expect him to be ready to sit still, but we’ve talked about it and my fingers are crossed.

So, what’re you guys up to this weekend? We’ll finally be getting our tree, and I’ll do some shopping with Hadman (he has to buy a couple of presents still ;-)). I also foresee at least one good old Christmas movie, hot chocolate, and maybe some gift wrapping since I’m super behind on that. Am I the only one?