Hooray, We Can Spray!

I am woman, hear me roar!!! Last Sunday while Dave met up with some buddies and the baby took a super long nap (haaaaalleluiah!!), I finally hooked up our diaper sprayer. This thing is gonna make those poopy cloth diapers a breeze to handle! I am so excited about the prospect of spraying poop, it’s insane!!

So, this is what I found after opening up the package and surveying all before me. Pretty straight-forward, although the package’s touting that one didn’t need tools to install it was, um, dead wrong. No tools, my butt.

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No, the floor isn’t 100% done yet. We’re getting there.

If you ever find yourself installing a diaper sprayer, here are a few tips:

– Clean your toilet first. Big time. This is for your own comfort since, depending on the space you’re working in, you may be getting quite intimate with your potty. I know I did. Plus, it’s easier to admire your handiwork when you’re done if it’s all clean.
– Follow the directions, but use your instinct. They were pretty simple but there was half a page that I zoned out over and ended up skipping. Forge ahead as did our forefathers and you’ll be fine.
– Flush when done. The hose area you use to connect everything may make a weird hissing noise. I started to get nervous and thought, “Aw, hellz no. There’s no way we can sleep listening to that all night.” Nerve-inducing, I’d say. But after a flush or two, the noise went away and I sighed a breath of, well, success. Y’know, the “woohoo, I did it, go me, I’d happy dance if it wouldn’t wake the baby” type of moment.

So, here’s my trophy. Int she purdy?? I’d like to thank my stepfather (who’s a plumber) for the years of observation on the workings of the ol’ john and the confidence from it, and, of course, the little man for the super long nap.
Now gimme one of those nasty 3-times-a-day blowouts you’re so know for! (What can I say? He’s teething.)

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And a close-up of the magic… You can adjust the amount of water coming through, which totally brings back memories of French class. Bidets were a hot topic before we headed out on our trip to Europe.

Hooray, We Can Spray! - image blogger-image--2101506854 on https://megactsout.com