Best Laid Plans

So, I wish I could post everyday. I really do. That’s one of those “best laid plans” moments floating through my mind lately. But, what’s been on our minds more than anything? That’s right. Of course. The baby – who still hasn’t made his/her appearance yet.

That’s okay, though. He/she isn’t due until the 3rd…or 7th…although our doctors seemed to think that it’d be a tad early. Let’s just say it’s measuring bigger than expected. To look at me, though, we’re guessing it’ll be an average size. I’m all belly, and after our sono last week folks are asking “Where the heck are you hiding an 8lb., 13oz. baby?!” Luckily, sonograms tend to “over measure.” The latest news here is that IF he/she decides to stay comfy, they’ll probably be to big to deliver via inducement. What’s this mean? Possibly C-section. Which I hate. But, again, “best laid plans”….

Y’know what just occurred to me? The fact that I’m Strep B positive. It’s not a huge deal, just need an IV of medication when I get to the hospital. HOWEVER, it JUST hit me that some of my comforting yoga moves may be challenging, if not impossible, with an IV running from the moment I get admitted. Crap. Luckily, there are other positives from yoga that I can try to implement…but, still. Can I just say “AW, MAN!!!!!” please? Or, perhaps, something a tad stronger? *grumbles*

In general, I’ve learned how to be flexible. How can one not when a tiny being has taken over one’s body and, in many ways, life? (Although, admittedly, this has been a VERY easy pregnancy!) I’m hoping that, when the time comes, this flexibility works for us – and, of course, that things AREN’T complicated and run smoothly.

For now, while there are a million little projects I’d LIKE to finish or work on, they’re not important. We’re essentially ready for the baby to come home anytime. I seem to be getting Braxton Hicks contractions for now, so we’re all guessing it’ll happen this week – but, then again, “best laid plans.” Can’t wait to share nursery pics, our “belly progression” pics, and even the garden that we found time to plant!