Windows, Windows, Everywhere…

We have a pretty small house, for the most part. For its size, it has a pretty decent number of windows. My mother speaks often of the amount of light brought into our kitchen (ie “the best-lit kitchen she’s ever seen”, and it’s not due to our lighting situation). Sure, the bedrooms each have one or a set of two windows, but, again, they’re tiny. The office only has one. But, our front room…our front room wins the window prize. It’s got seven, and we’re lucky enough to have double french doors that let the light into the rest of our first floor.

We’ve been replacing these windows, one or a few at a time, since we moved in. We’ve purchased them through my father-in-law, and he has kindly put them each in (with a few snags here and there – the surprises that come with “old home” ownership). The windows help with energy use, seem a heck of a lot safer, and can actually open and close nicely. Not to mention, they’re pretty snazzy to look at. Oh, and cleaning is easier – although, let’s be honest here, I never got outside on a ladder to clean the original windows or anything so reasonable.

We’re down to the last handful of windows in the front room, AKA the sun room, AKA the three-season room (although I’m not sure if any of these terms is altogether accurate). We currently have sheers hanging from cheap-o white rods that were here when we bought the place. I’m actually surprised that ANYTHING not bolted down was left behind. The sheers are okay, but considering their lack of privacy (and the fact that they’re the length of the windows…no longer), I’m pretty much over them.

Another little ditty that gets stuck in my head and drives me crazy? The fact that two of the rods will NOT stay TOGETHER. I’m using the proper hardware (although the previous owners rigged together some homemade contraption utilizing WOOD SCRAPS and, I believe, a button or some such nonsense for one of them), but the middle extender finds itself slipping out a lot. It could be due to the fact that the furry boys love looking out into the world beyond the windows, so I find myself frequently sliding the curtains – but this shouldn’t be such a darn problem! Here’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout:

Windows, Windows, Everywhere... - image  on https://megactsout.comThat’s what I call “too short”, young lady. You may not leave the house wearing that.
Windows, Windows, Everywhere... - image  on https://megactsout.comBroke-a$$, evidence number one. (Hi, Mr. Neighbor!)

Windows, Windows, Everywhere... - image  on

Broke a$$ evidence number two. Much more obvious. And, in case you’re uber-snoopy, that’s a window waiting to be hung on the left, leisurely laying against the wall.
So, what do I want to do? I want a nice, fun visit (when the gas prices aren’t so high…RIGHT!) to our about-an-hour-away Christmas Tree Shop. It’s the best place (price-wise) I can find to stock up on window rods and hardware – and I’m planning on going way more heavy-duty than what we’ve currently got. I MAY also search for some clearance fabric to sew some slightly-less-sheer curtains, but I’ve gotta search around on Pinterest to see if there are any inspirational SHORTER ideas out there. One thing I’d definitely like to do, since I’ll be “custom making” them, is to make the panels narrower. I want the privacy, but also want the boys to be able to sneak a peek at the birdies and squirrels frolicking on the front lawn – I think this’ll help us achieve both goals (I don’t have to slide an entire curtain over, exposing our leisurely living room selves, but they’ll still be able to see out).

Oh, and a window post certainly wouldn’t be complete without our champion window-watcher, Mr. Winston, utilizing his new favorite thing — a slightly opened window with a screen (which freaks Dave out, but I only do it when I’m home and can keep an ear open for sneaky pushing).

Windows, Windows, Everywhere... - image  on