Did That Summer Go Fast, or…?

Things have been pretty wacky around here lately. My uncle’s wife passed away last week, so I attended her wake and funeral earlier this week, mostly to share my condolences and show support for the family, and a little to see the family that was visiting that I tend to see every couple of years, at most. (What a run-on sentence THAT was!) We’ve had some other private stuff going on in the family that we’ve been doing well getting over, but it’s kept me distracted from the blog. Sorry!

Oh, yeah, and we’ve been doing wedding stuff! Most of the invitations (I accidentally printed slightly fewer RSVP postcards than I should’ve, so there are a few that still need to be sent) have been sent out — there’s no looking back now! And, yes, September 1st is upon us (and gone), so it feels like it’s coming up pretty fast. Our priest (Uncle Mark) let us know that we’re on schedule. We have to meet with our reception people and tie up some loose ends, but otherwise, it’s coming together pretty well. So, that’s excuse #2!

Anyhoo, I’m here to at least provide an update on how things are going! Dave and I have done well balancing things, I’d like to think. We’re working on the wedding checklist, of course, but we’re also trying to make time for friends and continue our theater work. And, now that school’s starting Tuesday, of course, that will be taking more of my energy, as well.

Before we know it, I figure the wedding will be over and we’ll be calling each other husband and wife. I’m hoping to try out some of the preserving the bounty tips (especially drying tomatoes!!! God knows we have enough of ’em) and working on nesting once that happens. Oh, and turning out thoughts towards projects we’ve been neglecting around the house. 🙂 After all, autumn IS our favorite season, so as long as the snow holds off, we’ll enjoy it! Between our honeymoon to Vermont, inevitable trips to Cooperstown, and cozy nights in with the cat, I can’t wait! Plus, you can bake up a storm without worrying about how much energy the A/C is emitting.

Hope all’s going great out there!

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