Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga - image c40fe-yoga on http://megactsout.comI’ve mentioned wanting to try yoga, and most recently prenatal yoga, a few times. My reasons have ranged from exercise to improving my mood to helping in the birthing process — ohhh, there are lots of reasons. So, after work last Friday, I ran home to change into something comfortable and headed to Universal Yoga Center in New Hartford. (That’s about 30 minutes away, for the record. And, no, there’s nothing even similar any closer to home. Boo.) On this particular day, I was lucky enough to have Dave in tow for a post-yoga date.

So, he dropped me off and headed out to kill time while I got my stretch on. I was the first to arrive (I’d been told to come early to fill out a short form), and nervously got myself situated. There were approximately 7 other ladies there (plus the incredible instructor), all ranging from 17 to 36 weeks pregnant.

I don’t remember everything about the experience since I was focusing on learning new stretches and feeling the connection with my body and with the baby. I was definitely the “newest”, so the instructor seemed to pay some extra attention to me at more challenging points. The yoga itself was all about modification — especially focusing on the fact that, being pregnant, we may want to try some moves differently than even other women in the room, and definitely differently than how certain types of yoga might be taught.

What I don’t recall as far as the technicalities of the yoga itself, my memory makes up for with experiences and ambiance. The low lighting (there’s a lot to be said for Christmas lights – it’s the first time I’ve seen lighting like that that wasn’t reminiscent of a college dorm) and Eastern instrumental music were instantly calming. The instructor’s calm sweetness was inviting and caring – and perfect for a bunch of pregnant ladies! The stretching and moving wasn’t altogether too challenging (although there were a couple that proved to me that I need some more balance practice) but just “uncomfortable” enough to provide a mild workout while giving options for relaxation and other needs during labor or as the pregnancy continues. I honestly can’t say enough good about the experience.

The breathing techniques and little “tips” that the instructor provided (such as trying one stretch, in a modified way, to help with sciatica issues — my mom was jealous about that one since apparently I gave her such troubles when she was pregnant with me) were awesome. While the baby stayed pretty much motionless, it started moving during something called the “puppy pose” (an upside-down pose). I like to think the little one enjoyed it, but it just occurred to me that the opposite might have been true, hee hee. At the end of the session, after a long, deep breathing exercise, we made lotus blossoms with our hands and gave up a wish/intention for the baby up and into the universe (or to God, depending on what you believe). THAT was powerful.

The best part of the whole thing (other than that I didn’t realize my first session was free – score!) was when I met Dave at the car. I was throwing my bags in the backseat and getting myself situated while he blabbered on – “How was it? Did you like it? Were they nice? Did something happen? Was it okay? Do you hurt?” I think that he had hopes as high as I did about it, and a quiet Meg is a very rare thing. After I had strapped myself into the passenger seat, I finally said, “I’m relaxed.” “Oh! Good!!” I got to the business of explaining things shortly thereafter, but his excitement (and apparent nervousness) about it all had him bouncing off the walls. Can’t complain about that!

Oh, and for the record, that night he read the children’s book he had purchased (while I was at yoga ;-)) to my belly and got to feel it kick for the first time. Overall, it was a very special evening. Throw in a farmers’ market trip the next morning, and it was one of the best weekends we’ve had in awhile.

So, will I be going back? Let’s just say that there isn’t a session this week, so I’ll be returning for their next class. I enjoyed the process so much that I can foresee trying the “mommy and me” yoga (or even just “regular” yoga classes) in the future. The exercises speak to me in their timing (not too quick/extreme, not too slow/boring), with their focus on breathing, relaxation, and inner focus, and the underlying calmness from the instructor’s tone and the music (a variation of which I listened to on my Sirius satellite radio the next day – seriously).


Just thought I’d check in with my financial progress for 2012. In my mind, every little step is progress, even though I haven’t made my “major” changes yet. My first goal was to observe my monthly spending for January. Well, I did it! (Man, it was tough. You’d think jotting everything you spend down would be kind of…well, child’s play. Not so much.)

Prenatal Yoga - image  on
Firstly, are we impressed by that pie chart, or what? What can I say – I loves me some pie. I’ve just gotta figure out how to make it look less distorted, but one challenge at a time. πŸ˜‰

I was surprised by several things – some good, some bad. Otherwise, and generally speaking, there were some purchases that were made that I wouldn’t call “monthly” (more like once in a lifetime…or once every ten years – like an ottoman purchase), but I seem toΒ  have some sort of purchase as such every few months or so, so I included it in the chart. There are other areas that, some months, get more cash put towards it (such as the “Pets” category) – but not this month. Then there are the stationary ones – such as the Visa bill, which never gets added to and always gets paid automatically every single month. The “can always depend on you” bills that will be AWESOME to finally pay off.

What shocked me most, though, was the clothes/home goods/gifts chunk. I don’t BUY clothes that much – I just got a few maternity items. So, much of this was actually purchased for home projects from Lowe’s (and that $179 ottoman from Target didn’t help, either). Secondly, while it doesn’t LOOK like much, our eating out is crazier than I expected. It really makes me think…and think…and think…until I will inevitably change, change, change. πŸ™‚

My groceries are mad crazy, too, but I already knew that. I’ve already set a new goal for myself to get it down to a) a twice-a-month shopping trip, b) for a certain set price (ie such-and-such amount for the month, divided by two), and c) in cash. Let’s just call it getting closer to living simply on cash. Technically, I do that now, but I don’t consider a debit card technically “cash”. It’s still plastic, and it’s still a co-dependent tool towards self-ignorance. There were years that I shunned owning one…man, what happened?! So, anyhoo, it definitely does makes me go through the “I’d like to get that, but…” thought process on pretty much every purchase. Oh, and I’m going to try to go back to an Aldi/Hannaford symbiosis – what one can’t get me healthily and cheaply (ie Aldi’s bananas or all-natural juice or awesomely delicious, cheap hummus) the other will provide. Spending $20 in one place and $60 in the other is fine, especially with how much $20 gets you!

Oh, and I figure this will help provide an economic stability when looking at the grocery budget +1. I’d like to keep the budget at the same amount, actually – totally crazy? Maybe. I’ll adjust as needed, of course. No amount of pride or strictness to self-induced life rules would keep our kid from gaining proper nutrition. You can’t complain with TRYING out a budget, though.

Some surprising “good” pieces of the pie? My “entertainment/phone” (really just my Verizon and Time Warner bills) amount is tinier, by comparison, than I expected it to be. I guess that whole going cable-free thing is workin’ for me. Oh, and the avoidance of purchasing a smartphone, let alone any phone with a data plan. We’re not proud…although, in this case, we totally are.

Cash withdrawals were actually, again, relatively small. That may be shifting, especially when I’ll be using the money to purchase other pieces of the pie (groceries, etc). And, come to think of it, the cash advances went towards certain pieness, as well, so it probably shouldn’t even count. But it does, and I’m pretty happy with it. Always like to have some cash in the ol’ wallet. You never know.

So, there it is – a pretty disjointed (but what blog post isn’t?) public display of…well, pie. What’s next? I’m trying to analyze what parts of the pie are necessary (car, mortgage, etc) and what can be shaved further (groceries a tad, home stuff definitely, etc). And that’s where I’ll leave ya.

Any random budget suggestions that you think we all should know? What works for you? Do tell!

Parisian Parenting

Prenatal Yoga - image  on http://megactsout.comLet me start by saying that I haven’t been too excited about reading parenting books. Even the pregnancy books, while at times enlightening and highly educational (I do need to know this stuff, after all…apparently *wink*), haven’t gotten me excited. In all honesty, the only thing that gets me REALLY excited is the growing belly (although clothes are the devil lately), the occasional “knock-knock” baby’s giving me (yes, I know you’re there!), and the private conversations I get to have with my husband about everything. Oh, and the thoughts of how to decorate the nursery – those are pretty fun, too.

But, when I saw that this story was going to be on “The Today Show” this morning, I immediately said, “Ohhhh, I hope they post a link for that on Facebook so I can see it!” I adore that Dave watched it, and texted me the title of the book that it was based on. I asked him what he thought about it all (I had been a bit of a skeptic when I heard it, assuming they’d skew it in a Tiger Mom direction), and he said that it “sounded really good”. Wow, a glowing recommendation…about a parenting book…from my man. How could I NOT get a tad excited?

Then, I watched the link (which, side note, I Googled). While the article accompanying the video at first admonishes the idea that one culture shouldn’t blatantly state that it’s better at anything (ironic, being Americans), but goes on to recognize that the author writes in a humorous, thoughtful manner (and apparently from an American perspective – being an American in France). Whew, good to know.

Here’s the video link. Give it a try. πŸ™‚

So, I’ve put the book (entitled Bringing Up Bebe – accent on the “e”s) into my Amazon Baby Wishlist (soon to be my Amazon Baby Registry), although I’m so excited to read it, I may have to purchase it as my “first baby item”. That’s right, we technically haven’t purchased any clothes, books, ANYTHING (other than stuff for the nursery, but I see that more as organization – not fun stuff) for the baby since finding out. I just haven’t found the perfect “first onesie”. Plus, we’ve already been getting awesome hand-me-downs (including my sister’s favorite pregnancy book, which is where I’m getting all my “knowledge” on the ins-and-outs of what’s happening and what will happen), so there’s no point in splurging. Not quite yet. Not if we’re squeezing pennies. (That, and we don’t want stuff for stuff’s sake.)

It’s not that we’re down on American parenting. Heck, it’s what WE had, and we’re (pretty) well-adjusted and (publicly) respectful members of society. But, we’re open to alternate ideas on the subject – anything that may give kids in a 21st century environment greater sensitivity and awareness, and which may make parenting a more connected, less co-dependent situation. After seeing countless American children in my everyday job over the past several years, I’ve seen some wonderful behavior…but I’ve seen absolutely selfish, demanding, relentless behavior. And, I hate to say it, but it’s on the rise. It’s a challenge when trying to teach independent use of the library for future success as young adults and adults, I’ll tell ya that.

So, I’ll be sure to let you know how the book is when I’ve finally received and read it. Heck, that may not be until a month before the baby comes. I foresee that it’ll be hard to put it down for the pregnancy books.

What do YOU think? Are things just fine the way we handle parenting in America? Or, is it right to look for other methods elsewhere? Do tell.

Dude, Get On That Already

After my last bit of guilty ranting (a completely healthy process from time to time, if I do say so myself), I suppose it’s time for the kick in the arse/fun challenge/”well aren’t I a glutton for punishment” moment we all need once in awhile. Or monthly. Or daily. Whatever.

I actually got the idea (as well as the title of the blog post, don’t want to go stealing anyone’s intellectual property without giving props) from, where else, my favorite bloggers at Young House Love. I’ve always thought that Sherry had it completely together, cleaned everything from top to bottom weekly, and was borderline OCD (in that “good way”). But, of course, that’s Blogland. The land where everything gets set up perfectly before taking pictures (mostly) and skeletons in closets can stay safely hidden. Seriously, with this “self-imposed challenge” (and past tours of “what the house really looks like” any given day), I love her for showing her warts. Ew, not literally.

And it got me thinkin’. While we don’t have a room entirely devoted to clutter, we have a couple that are looking pretty shoddy. They’re coming along *already*, but they’re not quite there. And, with the pregnancy laziness abounding, it’s easy to let projects fall to the wayside.

But, this “challenge” might just be something that I can handle. As it is, I’ve accomplished my first one – with the help of the hubs and his uber-helpful brother. I suppose they can take the credit for the first “Dude, Get On That Already” moment.

Prenatal Yoga - image  on
Picture a crib here, and a much cleaner floor. Yep, the nursery’s #1 on our list, and I’ve got lots more to do. BUT, I figure that it’ll be tons more manageable for Lil’ Miss Preggers here if I look at it weekly. If I can get one big thing (or, heck, even medium-sized) accomplished each week, huzzah. If I can get more than one done – BONUS! If I’m not motivated enough to do something in the nursery, I’ll head to the office, or bathroom, or tiny little space that needs organizing. Either way, it’s doable. Plus, I’ll be checking in with my progress. Can anyone say “accountability”? I knew you could!
Prenatal Yoga - image  on http://megactsout.comUm, yeah. The other side of the room. D’oh!! We could play a fun game of “I Spy”.
Prenatal Yoga - image  on http://megactsout.comYes, I even gave it the “sexy treatment” (ie blurred the photo’s edges) to emphasize how huge it is to have this dresser in our room. Times, they are a-changin’!
(Hey, I could’ve taken an artistic, B&W pic.)

On a side note, the flooring in our house…well, here’s the deal. I know there’s hardwood upstairs, simply because we tore up two rooms (why we didn’t do all three upstairs, I have no idea) of cheap carpeting upon moving in. There’s some strange wood filler-type residue living between lots of the cracks, and which had to be cleaned from the surface, so this floor looks tons better than it did on Day One. However, it still drives me nuts. There are gouges and scrapes from years of neglect, and I’m not sure we’ll ever afford the price of refinishing. It’s enough to really tick me off, until it reminds me of when I see the animal neglect and abuse commercials on TV and think, “Someone really didn’t love this house the way they should have, and it’s saddening.” Then, of course, my mind wanders to all the emotionally and physically scarred animals and I get a-cryin’. It’s a vicious cycle, people. And it all starts with crappy wood floors.

On yet ANOTHER side note: UPDATE! Getting on the “Dude, Get On That Already” bandwagon means that I FINALLY updated our New Year’s collage post to actual show, what else? PICTURES of the friggin’ COLLAGES we made!!! What an idea. Sorry for the wait! Just goes to show you that it doesn’t mean that I don’t care; I just get distracted easily. Head on over there and check ’em out. (BTW, process-wise, Dave and I both selected a ton of pictures ‘n stuff from magazines and I “collaged” them together. It was so much fun and so very inspirational, I made two and still find inspiration in them to this day. So much for being a New Year’s thing.)

Guilty Gertrude

Okay, that’s a strange title – I’ll admit it publicly, and right off the bat. But, my grandmother used to use such old-fashioned names to talk to my sister and I (Gertrude, Mildred, etc) and it reminded me of what my sister called me when I told her I was pregnant – “Fertile Myrtle”. I love my family, can’t you tell?
I just thought I’d share yet another self-indulgent post (I guess all blog posts kind of are self-indulgent, in a way, aren’t they? Unless I’m posting one of those “what types of posts do you want to see more?” posts, which always end in “whatever you want” answers, anyway) about, what else, my feeeeeeliiiiings. I’m clearly also in a self-deprecating mood. What else is new?
ANYhoo, the real point is to let out some of the stuff that I am either a) inclined to feel guilty about, in general and/or b) feeling guilty about currently. I’m a recovering Catholic, what can I say?
My computer usage is mad crazy. It’s a tiny goal of mine (that I just came up with, ummmmmm, yesterday) to put the damn laptop away before my husband gets home. This way, I can blog all I like and stalk all the sites I enjoy, but still have a dinner with my man and listen to any day-to-day venting that he (or, of course, I) may need to spout while doing it. Mind you, it’s generally in front of the TV. *cue wop-wop noise and even further guilt*
I’m not motivated. Blame the pregnancy exhaustion. Blame my lazy-ass self. Whatever. If it’s something that NEEDS to be done (ie has a deadline, teachers are showing up with students for library, bills need to be paid), I do it. How very 1990s Nike of me – I just DO it. But, when there’s not a deadline (even that how-many-more-months-til-July/why-is-my-stomach-suddenly-looking-terribly-bloated deadline is so far off that I think “Eh. We’ve got tiiiiiime. Whaddaya worried about?”), I SUCK. The to-do list is living in my head. I’m fully aware of WHAT needs to be done. I’m just not doing it. Plus, with a husband that’s all-too-understanding yet on the COMPLETE opposite side of the spectrum – can we just say he’s a tad antsy to get stuff completed, and rightfully so? – I feel guiltier. If that’s possible.

I’m a meanie. A big, blue meanie. (Anyone get that reference? Anyone?) Again, this could be from the pregnancy, but, seriously, I get awfully snappy – and particularly with the ones I love the most. Er, one. My hubs. Either he doesn’t notice, or he’s fully able to reason to himself that my hormones must’ve turned me into a raging she-devil. I’ve GOTTA control this more. Even if it IS hormones, it’s still not right. He’s the person I love the most. (Not that he doesn’t hear that all the time, too.) And, in all honesty, this comes out to the cats on occasion, too – that’s more my temper than anything, but I’ve also learned to be a heck of a lot more patient thanks to all the guys in my house…so, in a way, I’m already improving. But hormones + Irish temper = gotta be more “on top of it”. πŸ˜‰
I’m not my mom. Dude, did I really just TYPE that?! Of course I’m not my mom. Or my awesome sister. Or any of the other awesome “can work and make a house a home” type of women that I’m honored to know. I don’t clean nearly enough, and I don’t declutter – as a matter of fact, I do the opposite. I’m the clutterer of the household. This is NOT a trait that I want “baby” to mimic. Get on that one, Mommy.
I want to do it all, but I can’t. Or, can I? I have a solid concept of the person I’d like to be. I have examples of projects and activities that I’d like to do, and what, in life, is most important for me to focus on. But there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day, OR see my #2 bullet point above. I guess I’ve just gotta discover my focus.

I’m sure there are lots naughtier things that I’m feeling guilty about that would be better spending time in the confessional – white lies, jealousy, overusing the word “uber” (or using “mad” in the “wrong way”) – but, for now, I’ll leave you with these. Hopefully my chest lightens up a bit, but I think that’s another side effect of pregnancy. *ahem*

Have a great weekend, folks!

Cravings Thus Far

“Crave for a thing, you will get it. Renounce the craving, the object will follow you by itself.” – Swami Sivananda

And when a preggers lady renounces a craving, WATCH THE HECK OUT!

Prenatal Yoga - image  on Now I totally want mint chocolate chip.)

Seriously, I haven’t been craving a whole lot. The first trimester, I had a few random ones, but mostly had nausea. No “actual” illness (luckily!), but lots of appetite-killing nausea. The urges are currently a lot milder when I get a craving, though. I think it’s due to the fact that I wasn’t eating much at all before, so when I finally WANTED something to eat, I’d jump at it immediately.

In all honesty, my cravings have mostly been junk food-related. Oh, the shame! This includes one trip to McDonald’s (yes, you read that correctly…I still weep over the treatment of the cow I ate), another trip to Taco Bell, and several other very much non-organic, non-natural choices. *sigh* Can we say Fruit Loops…or Jax with ketchup? (And I historically ate Jax; it’s not a weird pregnancy thing.) If you don’t know what Jax are…well, you’ll need to find out. They’re awesome!And, seriously organic Fruit Loops BETTER be in the works…which disappoints me about how processed some of these organic foods are, ick.

Pickles are a norm for me, so I figured I’d lose the taste for them during pregnancy. Nope! Still tasty to me. So, I eat organic versions of those. I snack on baby carrots (generally organic) and hummus, eat apples, nosh on organic low-fat mozzarella sticks, immerse my all-natural salsa with multi-grain tortilla chips, and dip into my Chobani strawberry Greek yogurt (occasionally with a handful of Grape-Nuts or Kashi cereal). I’m drinking close to zero caffeine (caffeine-free green tea, yes) and as much water and milk as I can currently stand. I’m sure the water’s still not enough, especially at this lip-chapped time of year, but I’m trying. I’m trying with everything I eat.

My meals are pretty normal, except for the occasional crapfest from a fast food joint (or even a frozen all-natural pizza – just because Paul Newman’s name is on it and they do their best to make it with less chemicals, it’s still horrible for you). I’d LIKE to eat more chicken and fish, but I’m lucky if I get one serving of each per week, just because I tend not to be hungry enough (and fish tends to make me a tad sick). At least I can stomach a simple salad again, ‘cuz for awhile there it was rough for my salad-eatin’ hubby.

So, that’s a quick update on what I’m eatin’. Exciting stuff, I know. πŸ˜‰ In the beginning, I was constantly researching what we could eat (my poor mother had cut up an entire pineapple for me only to find out that it was on one of my “you’re askin’ for complications” lists…now I’m dying for it!) But, hey, considering that my grandmother had 5 successful pregnancies while drinking TONS of coffee and smoking LOTS of cigarettes, I guess I can’t mess things up too badly, can I? πŸ˜‰

Anyone want to share cravings they’ve had while pregnant – or, for those who’ve never had a baby, what you’re looking forward to totally indulging in? πŸ˜‰ What? It’s fun to dream!

Trying Something New…Maybe…Gulp

Prenatal Yoga - image 7f5f0-78395106 on http://megactsout.comI’ve decided that the more time goes by pondering something, the less likely I’ll probably be in doing it. So, what better way to have some accountability than to mention it to a who-reads-this-thing-anyway blog? Who am I kidding, really – I’m a procrastinator, through and through – but the guilt factor really does work with me. πŸ™‚ I AM still working on the bathroom (personal things have been thrusting distractions in the way), among a million other little projects…but I’m optimistic that, with cooler weather will come a completed product. Seriously.

Back to the subject at hand. In the interest of complete disclosure and over-sharing, I’ve seen therapists (ie analysts, ie psychiatrists, ie shrinks…) for many years, on and off. When I say “many”, I mean over 23 years. I saw my first incredible mental health professional when I was 6, just beginning to understand the death of my father and feeling the effects through lowered self esteem, depression and anxiety. Let’s just say that, while he was great, those symptoms have followed me for years. I don’t really expect them to ever be “gone”, just hopefully managed.

Recently, I started with a new therapist, but the fit just didn’t work for me. I ultimately realized that I’m handling the depression things (no medication, currently) pretty darn well, and I think that the love and support of my husband and friends and family (as well as that whole “cats need you no matter what” responsibility thing) has helped. My anxiety, however, has popped up, and no matter how intelligently I try to talk it away, it’s still front and center. We won’t even get INTO the self esteem stuff. That’s a day-to-day given. I think it’s probably also why I’m involved in acting – what actor DOESN’T have that issue? Not to mention that the rush from a supportive audience can help, momentarily. πŸ˜‰

After a hurtful session which led to the ultimate break-up with my recent therapist, I did lots of soul and mind searching. “I know what all my issues are, and where they’re rooted, and how they show themselves; that’s not the problem,” I insisted. “It’s dealing and coping with them. I’m smarter than this. I need to control or work with this myself.” It may be naive to think this, especially since, when I was at my “lowest” in the past, I couldn’t talk the pain and agony away. But, things are different with anxiety.

So, I decided that I need to purchase some self-help books…but not necessarily the kinds you’d imagine. I guess I tend to scoff at self-help books, in general, but when I’m learning some truly helpful methods of handling life, I let go of the criticisms. Strangely enough, what worked best when I was in high school was looking towards Eastern methods of, well, LIVING.

I meditated, studied several Eastern religions and philosophies, and found myself to be at peace for the first time in my life. Of course, the life of a teenager eventually took over and, by college, huge personal pains took me back down the spiraling hole of despair.

My husband has a great respect for the Buddhist religion, even blogging about his occasional readings about it and letting it affect the way in which he handles, particularly, stress and “that which cannot be controlled”. I am now reading (silly as it is) The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Zen Living (while Dave works on the same series’ Buddhist title). I’d like to move on to more “serious” readings, but this book is good at relating zen methods to a 21st century, Western lifestyle; good for a “beginner” like myself.

Additionally, I’m taking my mother’s advice (I MUST be an adult!) to look into yoga. While my mother’s a devout Catholic, she’s a smart lady – and has read about the helpfulness of yoga for those who need help handling stress, centering themselves, or even those coping with anxiety and depression. So, now I’m on the hunt. It reminds me a bit of my last search for a therapist, and I had considered going back to the drawing board for a new doctor (which may still be on the horizon, depending on how things go), but this is also something I’ve been interested in for several reasons, for awhile.

There are no “local” yoga centers, as far as I can find (as in…close to home), but the greater Utica area has a few from which to choose (have those two words ever been uttered in one sentence – greater Utica?). The challenge is determining when I can fit it into my schedule, since rehearsals for the current show at ILT are starting this week. Once I hammer down that schedule, I can determine what facility will best work for me.

The options are the Universal Yoga Center, the Yoga Haven, and Yoga Journey. The Yoga Haven’s web site appears to be for children, but other reliable sites linking to them lists that they have other valuable types of classes for adults, and the Yoga Journey site seems not to have any openings, currently. I know that our local community college offers classes, but my mother suggested attending a more professional type of class to get greater benefit from it.

I’ll update everyone as to how my search goes and what I decide. However, ANY suggestions or shared experiences in the world of yoga would be greatly appreciated. I’m ultimately hoping to learn relaxation/calming techniques, gain physical benefits (I’d like to actually be able to stretch…and tone in the process), and perhaps make this my go-to form of physical activity, especially when the word “prenatal” becomes part of my vocabulary. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

Sentence Fragments

I’ve wanted to update folks even when a full post isn’t developed. Or I’m tired. Or busy. Or whatever.

So, here goes. Sentence fragments! (Usually one of my least favorite things.)

Ex-hau-sted Monday. Volunteered for Irishfest ( over the weekend. Pretty good time, made better by the Elders. Check ’em out!

Heritage-wise, one of my absolute favorite.

Let’s just say – I have a “Moore Street Girl” t-shirt. I’m not a whore, though. This is a short clip, but at the 2008 Irishfest that I went to…

While listening to song clips, sleepy Beardslee put his arm over his face. Shows what he knows. πŸ˜›

Boring summer school day. Only 7 school days and 2 Regents days left. Hasn’t been as bad as last year.

Prepping for “The Philadelphia Story” auditions. Forms. Director analysis sheets. Good times! Starting to get excited and appropriately anxious about it.

Still stumped about this year’s mini-vacation. Beach or history? Culture or relaxation? Aw, hell.

Laundry!!! (Wow, this is boring. Go find some more Elders to listen to.)

Call from sis. Busted for helping her co-workers pick presents for a surprise shower. Hee hee. Excited that she got the final stuff she needs.Β  Coming down to the wire (!!!)

Red Cross vs. Telemarketers – who wins? RC, hands down. Stop calling! Will sign up to donate when I can! Borderline harassment.

And, now, something else I tend to hate – math! Here’s today’s equation:

Living room clocks ALL off + Rushing + Jasper vomiting in cat carrying case while driving + Wrong vet appointment day = massive disappointment

Just Checking In

Prenatal Yoga - image 55deb-pencil on http://megactsout.comSorry, guys, that I haven’t been writing a lot lately. There are lots of reasons, from the crazy first week of summer school to theater issues to working on my sister’s baby shower (which is tomorrow!). But, in all honesty, the biggest reason I haven’t written is because I’ve been going through some self-confidence issues. It’s really challenging to motivate oneself to write something that people will actually want to read when you’re feeling quite a lot like mud.

It’s not like I don’t have things to tell you about. We’ve got some news around this place, after all. Like, a new family member! Well, yes, my sister’s having a baby, but in our household, we got a new personality that we’re all getting used to having. I’ll report more on that soon – with pictures. πŸ˜‰

For now, I’m trying to figure out how to find my confidence (it’s easy to say “Don’t give others the ability to control your confidence, whether they add to or take away”, but incredibly challenging to apply). I’ll be putting my attention to things that I can do for myself, that make me happy, and that may benefit others. It should turn out to be an enlightening summer – I hope. So, just checking in and letting you know I’m still alive…and that I WILL be writing!