Baby You Can Drive My Car

In case I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’m a pretty big Beatles fan. (Monkees, too…lots of old school music, in general.) So, I just HAD to use that title.
Photo by Paul Martin Eldridge/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Anyhoo, we’ve had some car headaches around the McCoy Dellecese household these past…well…actually since before McCoy met Dellecese. Mr. D. has a Saturn Ion, which he bought new in or around 2007. He’s had little strange issues with it from time to time, from his headlights turning on on their own to the security alarm awakening everyone in the neighborhood at 2am for no reason. Lately, it’s been issues with, well, the entire electrical system to the point where it cannot be turned on. It’s crazy, and it’s all caused by moisture.

When it rains, does my car not work? When snow melts, does my car’s lights decide to turn on? When we get sudden humidity, does my car stubbornly do its own thing rather than what I tell it to? No, my car’s a good boy. Dave’s…isn’t.

Currently, we’re battling, along with his very kind parents, with both GM (who is not handling all issues with Saturn vehicles…in case you didn’t remember that Saturn went under) and the certified Saturn mechanics. At first it seemed that we’d be getting more help than expected from GM — but now that it’s said to be water issues, there’s “nothing they can do”, and the mechanics are avoiding the GM rep, anyway. So, if we must, it will be on to inciting our state’s Lemon Law. *sigh* I just feel so badly for Dave…and his obnoxious car.

So, since I can’t really DO anything other than provide as much moral support and an ear to vent to, I busy myself by researching a new car. Well, “new car” is pushing it a bit.

We’ve discussed that, when the time would come, we’d like to have an eco-friendly vehicle. While the time may be approaching, we’re not in the financial state to purchase the latest snazzy hybrid or zippy electric model. But does this mean that the choice can’t still be friendly for the environment and helpful as the gas prices steadily rise? Of course not!

I found this article, Go Green – Buy a Used Car. It’s Better Than a Hybrid, which reminded me that not only do we need to buy a fresh, “lots-of-research-and-technology-made-this-possible…and-expeeeeensive” car (or furniture…or clothes…or decorative items). How I’m trying to keep an eye out at Goodwill when I get the shopping urge. Reusing is just as eco-friendly since it means that items don’t go to waste (literally) filling landfills. Anytime you can save something from the junk and not contribute to the “mine’s shinier than yours” mentality, hooray!

Not that we’re going to be getting a 1968 jalopy. Naw. We’re thinking we’d like to procreate, so for safety’s sake, that wouldn’t cut it. Something used from after the start of the “New Millennium” would be nice, and lots of research is going into the rest of the decision — something with good (or even excellent?! Is there such a thing?) gas mileage, and that’s safe and reliable. Simple. Or so it seems. I’ll share the final decisions, when all this stuff eventually dies down and gets worked out.

If you have any suggestions on more eco-friendly used vehicles and luck that you might have had, please feel free to share!