Meatless Meal

I made an awesome meatless panini today that I thought I’d share. It was just too good not to! The recipe is for just one panini, but you can figure out how to double/triple/quadruple it. 🙂 (Clearly, given my amounts, it’s not uber-specific.)

Balsamic Mushroom Panini
– handful of mushrooms (any type you like)
– chunk of onion, sliced
– extra virgin olive oil (2 Tbsp. for sauteeing + extra to brush onto bread)
– homemade Italian bread or baguette
– 3-4 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar
– 8 basil leaves
– handful feta
– salt/pepper to taste

Heat olive oil in small saute pan over medium heat. Saute onion (and a sprinkle of salt) for a few minutes, until soft. Add mushrooms and cook until brown and soft. Splash in the balsamic and cook another minute, until reduced.

Brush olive oil onto two pieces of Italian bread (one side). Layer on basil, feta, mushroom mixture, and a little salt and pepper. Put olive oil side onto a grill pan, placing the weight of the smaller saute pan on top. After a minute, flip and weight the other side. Serve it up, it’s done!

See, now, I’m a HUGE mushroom fan (& onion…especially when cooked), as well as a balsamic convert. Dave decided to make a salad, and I was feeling all salad-ed out, so what better excuse to use up some ‘shrooms?