Green Child Magazine

So, hey! I’m pretty darn excited to share with you the latest edition of Green Child Magazine. As a relatively new mom who’s trying to keep life eco-friendly, I love this resource — heck, I read it when I was pregnant (it has lots of great tips for mamas-to-be, as well). Back when I started looking to contribute my writing to different magazines and such, I saw this one and thought…well, I wouldn’t even let myself truly think the words, but it was more of a feeling of “I wish I could be cool enough to write for them.” (I mean, they’ve interviewed Mayim Bialek and Kelly Martin!!!!!!!)

Well, guess what. I’m officially cool. (In my mind. ;-)) Check out the piece on pages 25-26.


This is how it all went…

A little while back, I started writing for Kaia, another online magazine that I L-O-V-E (which also happens to be for people who want to learn tips on living greener, among other awesome topics). Well, long story short, Kaia and GCM have become sister publications. I was asked if I would mind doing some product reviews for GCM since I’ve got a little one to use as a guinea pig test subject …for helping me with the trials. Green products for the baby + free + writing = one happy mama.

Let me just say that the fact that this first piece is about animals makes me ecstatic. Dave and I are such huge animal lovers, it’s only appropriate that my first piece with GCM would be animal-friendly. I happened to see a list of topics for the upcoming magazine and mentioned to Amity that I’d be happy to write any of the topics (but that an animal piece would be awesome ‘cuz I’m weird like that). Apparently, the piece had just fallen through so it would be a big help if I could write it. Whuh?! Write a fun piece AND help out? Sign me up!

So, that’s the story of my writing for some awesome online magazines. It’s fun to flex the ol’ brain muscle (wait…the brain is a muscle, right? Just one?), research and write about things that interest me, and to share them with the world through some very positive, socially-responsible publications. Win-win, all around!

By the by, I also love the tips for attempting to maintain harmony among siblings (I’ll need this some day!), suggestions for instilling a love for the outdoors and tons more. And, can I just say — I’m craving an arugula salad with strawberries SO BADLY right now. (Any salad with strawberries is aces in my book.)

Oh, and if you know of anyone who might like to advertise with this publication, feel free to email us at It’s a great place to be!

It’s Kaia Time, Again!

My latest article is in Kaia Magazine, folks! I’ve contributed to the online mag a few times now, and I’ve gotta say, it’s just so cool to see how it all comes together. I offer up a topic (or ask them for one that needs writing — sometimes I have the most fun writing about something unexpected and doing the research to learn more about it), I send it in by a deadline, then a few short weeks/months later, there it is in a sleek online publication, surrounded by tons of other great articles and resources. It’s weird; I don’t really know any of the folks (except for the editors, and only virtually), but it feels like we’re all part of a cool little family.

In case you haven’t checked it out yet, let me tell you my favorites about this edition (besides my own fun little piece on eco-vacationing):

– Yoga 101. Not sure what type of yoga suits your needs? Seriously, there’s a type for EVERY person, regardless of experience level. This is the perfect yoga primer.
– Go on a Clutter Diet!! Yeeesssss, I so needed this one. Hoping to put it to good use this weekend. And, the best part is that it includes things like “Reward Yourself.” I can so get behind that!
– Gardening, gardening, gardening!!! From using raised beds (budget-friendly ideas) to container gardening, this is right up my alley. How’s about you? 🙂
– The REAL reasons to buy organic. This article is exactly what I want to shove in folks’ face who think the Stanford “report” that suggested organic isn’t any “healthier” than regular fruits and veg is a big ol’ neener neener to we organic eaters. Seriously, “healthy” isn’t all in the calories, folks. It’s also in what long-term affects can be felt in the body. 

(Not to mention, that Kale and Portabello Quinoa recipe sounds insanely good…if only the hubs ate mushrooms. Blerg.)

So, feel free to check it out and let me know what your favorite part is. Either way, I hope the positivity of the mag can be felt, because that’s by far the best part of reading it (and writing for it) for me. Oh, and if you missed any of my old articles, check out this link.