A Bust

I knew as I wrote Friday’s post that my buoyant optimism was probably a jinx. And it turns out I was right.

Hell of a day, but the worst part was the death of my FIL’s aunt (with whom he was quite close). I didn’t really know her, although I feel terribly for the family. Trying my best not to be bummed and to be understanding (I succeeded at one of those things…), we ended up eating out at a family-friendly, non “local” joint since Dave’s parents were our original Hadley sitters. Won’t even say where, but (still feeling awful for their loss and not wanting to let any selfishness win over) I was bummed.

We had ended up making reservations once again to “The Tailor and the Cook”, which is pretty much the staple for local farm-to-table high-end cuisine. Had it been a usual date night (also, had it not been Food Revolution Day), I probably wouldn’t have been as disappointed. But, as they say on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, “If something goes bad, turn it around…find something good!” (You have to hear it and sing it about 50 times before it becomes a part of your being. Forever. Dave and I sing it all the time.)

So, the next day, we packed up the car and headed to the first of the outside farmers markets for the season at the Utica train station. We go a handful of times throughout the year; Hadley loves talking to random strangers and getting acquainted with the trains, we like cultivating a relationship with the vendors and woman in charge of the whole shebang, and we stock up on yummies.

While we didn’t get many veggies (ramps…yeah, scallions aren’t a veggie, right? Maybe? So just ramps), we did grab some nice meat, a growler of homemade beer, and a variety of homemade cheeses. The heavy rain from the day before gave way to a beautiful, if not warm, day. We ran a few more errands and I licked my wounds sufficiently.

Looking forward, I can’t wait to have a FRD “do-over.” It might or might not be at “The Tailor and the Cook.” Until then, I’ll just see what I can whip up with my local ingredients.

Did anybody do anything cool for Food Revolution Day? Do tell!