Fortunately, Everybody Drinks Water

That’s a partial quote from Mark Twain, a hero of mine: “My books are like water; those of the great genuises are wine. (Fortunately) everybody drinks water.”
Unfortunately, this post isn’t like a Mark Twain book. Nope, just me, writing about a new water filter I installed. Too bad for you guys that I’m no Twain!
Anyhoo, during a recent “Get It Together” Saturday (rather than our usual “Put Off Lots” or “Good Enough” Saturdays), we hit up Lowe’s to figure out some of our most important to-do’s. One just happens to be something I’ve been meaning to do for quite awhile – find a new filter for our old, cruddy water filtration system.
I had purchased the thing when we bought our house a couple of years ago in order to do away with the plastic Brita jug that we hardly ever used. It was a weird brand, as far as those things are concerned, but worked just fine. However, with our going to Walmart less and less (and, now, not at all), it became impossible to find a filter for the thing. I’d looked at Lowe’s before, with no luck.
This time, I looked over the filters and things and noticed one that not only looked cool and less cheap than the others, but actually WAS cheaper than all the others. So, I bought it (for the price of one normal filter) to bring home and replace the old one, which I’ll sell for next to nothing at our next garage sale.
Here’s how it went down…
My kitchen sink…from hell. (Need new base cabinetry!)
But, relatively neat.
Close-up of sink, old filter, our eco-friendly cleaning products,
and, most importantly, my grandma’s recipe (R) &
Dave’s grandma’s duckie geesie measuring cups (L).
Grooosssssss!!!! And peely.
So much cuter.
Easy, you just take this thingamajig off…
Tighten this on…realize you missed a step, then repeat…
There we go, now we’re on track…
These…align with those….

Easy peasy!
Winston NEEDED to be involved.
Ah. Better.
So, how about you guys? Do you filter your water, or prefer good ol’ fashioned municipal tastiness? While I know I don’t drink as much as I should, I try to take a full glass to bed with me…which undoubtedly unnerves my husband, who knows quite well that Winston will attempt to jump on my nightstand during the night at some point.