Heart Walk 2011

 So, while I feel all warm and fuzzy that I’ve signed up to participate with my school’s group at this year’s Heart Run and Walk, there’s a slight alterior motive for doing so. Dave’s covering the event for work, and I felt pretty badly last year that I didn’t sign up to do it — although I ended up spending time with some creative kids and teachers at Pen in Hand (looks like I won’t have any participants this year).

I’ve done the event in the past with my sister’s work group, but hearing that my school had a group (and, apparently, tons of kids) going, it felt like the push I needed to fill out the online form.

There’s another selfish reason that I decided to do it. (Here I am talking as if this is a marathon or something — it ain’t, it’s just a walk to raise money and awareness for heart disease and stroke.) I recently found out that Dave has a history of heart disease in his father’s family, and since his, erm, “body type” seems to indicate that he’s got his father’s genes, I’ll do anything in my power to try to reduce his risks. What can I say? I want him around as long as I can have him.

So, I’ll be raising some money to help the cause. If you see it in your heart and agree with the cause enough to give, I’d greatly appreciate it. But, of course, I don’t expect anyone to donate, since that’s not what this blog is all about. 🙂 Thanks for reading, though!