Observational Anecdote

Just a short anecdote. Ha, me, short? Seriously, I’ll do my best. This encounter was overheard while in Cooperstown sipping a latte at our favorite Coop-cafe. I’ll let it speak for itself.

(At a nearby table: Two hyperactive, highly intelligent, borderline TOO confident teen girls are sitting trying to pry information out of a smaller, much quieter, normal teen male. Guessing they didn’t really know each other.)

Ring-Leader Girl: So, like, was your mom a big hippie back in the day? Because, like, our parents…
Boy (trying to answer the question): She. Actually. No.
Girl: Oh, really? Seriously. Do tell. Fascinating.
Boy: Actually, she was pretty normal. She went to Julliard, but she didn’t have much money, so it was really hard. She had to work…
Girl (interrupting): OMG, are you for real? Julliard? Seriously??!!
(girls squeal simultaneously)

           At this point, Dave and I are pretty impressed that THEY’RE pretty impressed by the Julliard fact. Hell, I was.

Other Girl: That is SO where Lady Gaga went!!!
Boy sighs deeply, shaking head.

I couldn’t stop laughing to the point where my husband, with a huge grin, insists that we leave immediately. I’m sure I was probably attracting attention, but GOD.

Oh, and I did research. Seems she didn’t go there. Aw, nuts.