Woot woot!!! So, there are a lot (tons…a plethora…a magnitude…a shitload) of quirks to work out on the blog, but here we are. No more Blogger. While I know — er, assume — it’s for the best, I definitely miss the comfort (and relative ease of making changes) of my old space. It’ll take a little while to get things in order, so please don’t mind the mess in the meantime. Kind of like any move in real life. Heck, there may be moving boxes out for months. 😉

While I’m working on finding my blogging routine again, I thought I’d just stop by with a quick question for you guys to pick your brains. I’ve been doing so much planning at school for when the baby comes, my own brain resembles that of a fried egg lately. Ew.

So, since I either know many of you in “real life” or find that many of you at least feel like you may know me a little bit, I ask you: If you were to ask me for advice, what area in your life would it touch?

Would you ask me about natural living stuff? Would you ask about recipes? Or simplifying life? Or superheroes? Would you just ask where I got my kickass boots or coral sweater?

What I’m pretty much saying is, when you think of me, what do you think I “know”? I’ve had people say “I know you know a lot about *blah blah blah*, can you explain *dum dee dum* to me?” And sometimes I’m super surprised…then realize, “Oh, yeah. I guess I know how to do that.”

So, I’m just asking what you THINK I know (whether I do or not ;-)). Any input, whether here, on Twitter or FB, or in a hand-written note, is greatly appreciated. And, promise, I’ll be writing more regularly soon.