Real Food Challenge – Week #6

For 14 weeks, the family and I are undertaking a Real Food Challenge (put forth by the awesome 100 Days of Real Food blog). I’m hoping to check in about any struggles and successes along the way each week. Our ultimate goal is to cut down on our dependence on processed foods and start using some cleaner fuels to energize our bodies. And stuff.

So, here’s how it works. I’ll get an email every Thursday for the next 14 weeks (the actual eating challenge will start on Sunday or Monday for 7 days, so there are a couple of days of grocery prep built in). Each email outlines the “rules” for that particular week. It’s up to each participant as to whether or not they’d like to try each week independently or build on top of the prior week. In other words, continuing doing the prior weeks while attempting the new weeks, if that makes sense. There’s also a very active Facebook group (I’ve actually joined an offshoot that’s super supportive and far more focused) that’s there to share, answer and support.


Week #5 Review: This week’s challenge was to try two new foods. I’m pretty sure I’ve made some things with lentils before, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember what or how or how they were received, so I’m calling lentils a “new” food. I also took this week as the opportunity to sneak some kale in. I was a little off my game this week, so I didn’t get to even considering using the stuff until later in the week. Hence, I’ll be combining the two for dinner tonight. Slacker!

(Update on Week #4: I only ended up eating one meal at a to-go joint during our funeral trip since the church and friends of the family provided a TON of home-cooked meals. Still not always the healthiest, but it was nice to only “cheat” once on the road.)

Week #6 Challenge: “Do not eat any food products that are labeled as “low-fat,” “lite,” “light,” “reduced fat,” or “nonfat.” The reason for this can be seen here.

Next week is pretty much a “just keep on doin’ what you’re doin'” sort of week because we’ve already cut out all light/low-fat/reduced fat foods from our diet. Our yogurt is whole milk (except Hadman, who has a “baby” yogurt made with whole milk; I’m not moving him up to the “next level” because there’s added sugar and they’re lower in fat, which isn’t what his lil’ body needs), as is the milk we purchase. So… *shrugs* Pretty easy.

So, that said…here’s our meal “inspiration” for the week. (I’m known to switch out one or two meals here and there as availability of energy and ingredients sees fit.)

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