Currently – February 6th

No, really! I’m working on my Week #6 post on our Real Food Challenge, but it probably won’t be up until tomorrow. Maybe later today. I’m not sure. So, I decided to do a super-quick, no-graphics “currently.” Just for funsies. 

this weeks themes:

smelling, drinking, wearing, making, loving
Smelling – Nothing. I’ve been smelling nothing. Sorry, folks, they can’t all be winners. (Count your blessings. I could’ve been writing this near our cat pans.)

Drinking – Huh. This has made me realize that I’ve been drinking more wine than usual lately. When I make a good meal (which, lately, is pretty regular — snaps all around!), we often feel like celebrating it by pouring a glass of wine. Dave drinks a bit of red wine for his heart health pretty much nightly (that’s his story, at least), but I’ll do any combination of red and white, as long as it’s on the sweet-ish side. Lately, it’s been kinda “local” Bully Hill, a NYS wine.

Oh, and I’ve also been drinking coffee any day that I feel the need for some extra motivation. Which is often. I’m not usually a coffee-drinker, but lately the plight of book piles has been heady at work.

Wearing – It’s funny. My weight hasn’t changed and I’m by no means pregnant, but I’ve only been able to wear a select few pairs of non-squishy-pinching pants lately. Tummy bulge is real, people. Can I blame it on a kid who is no longer a baby? On a positive note, I’m wearing my favorite outfit today, which tends to bring a smile to my face and make me think I’m actually part of the 21st century: skinny jeans, worn brown boots, a white t-shirt and my favorite coral blazer. Oh, and a necklace, just for the hell of it.

Making – I’ve wanted to start making more fun things and doing craft projects with Hadman, but there’s always the fact that time seems to fly, be it on the weekends or evenings. Curse you, bathtime; curse you. I mean, the fact that I grabbed a couple of pieces of paper and said, “Okay, let’s color and draw!” the other night and we had a fun time making a “spaceship” together doesn’t feel like it counts. Does it? Maybe. Luckily, I forced him into child labor to get a couple of Valentine’s Day gifts painted a little while back, so I guess we’re fine.  

But, guess what. I’ve also been making some extra cash on the side lately. Pssshhhht. I know, we shouldn’t speak of such things, but being able to actually write and earn and save (and hopefully splurge on a DSLR camera) is a fun, surreal if not slightly scary thing. That said, I’ve gotta find a bit of balance because every night I’m either working on a blog post or article and would like to get in some quality time with Dave once in awhile.

Loving – I’m loving lots lately, actually. Aside from the givens of loving my family and feeling lucky just to be alive, there are the simple things. Next week is a dress-down week at work (jeans = more productive; I kid you not), we’ve got a week-long break after that, I’m getting together with my sister for a much-needed “date” tonight, and there may or may not be a little side trip in the family’s future one of these days. Life. Is. Great.

I’m not s’much loving my lack of motivation. I’ve been getting done with I “need” to get done, but I’ve got ideas on the back burner and cleaning and fixing up of the house that I just haven’t been able to get off my behind to get done. I do try to do the “Okay, I got some stuff done, I’m allowed to just SIT” (which usually entails working on something else on the computer, ie the gigs I mentioned above), so it’s not like I’m getting nothing done. But, the other stuff. I hate to say it, but I may start getting up earlier. *gulp*  

Feel free to chime in with what’s “currently” going on in your life in the comments, or respond to any of my weirdness. Have an awesome weekend, guys!

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  1. On-the-fly spaceships and forced Valentine's feeling like the stuff childhood is supposed to be made of! They count, for sure. And agree with Colleen, that outfit sounds like a keeper. This week I was wearing skinny jeans and black ankle boots and Rob told me I looked, “so rock and roll”. Wow. Keeper outfit 🙂

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