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I figured it’d be fun to take part in the fun that is “Currently” about every month or so. Plus, it’s fun to get a little personal and current-eventy and introspective from time to time. Or, not s’much. So, please. Come along.

Oh, and you may notice that, for some weird reason, my list isn’t synched up to the other blogs linking up today. Um, whoops! I have no idea why that is. I grabbed the list from another blog that links up, but…yeah. I’ll do better next time. 😉

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Just last week, I finished reading, of all things, a juvenile chapter book from the “Dear America” series. It’s the first book I’ve been actually engrossed in and was able to finish in a day (thanks, minimal vocabulary!). On one hand, I’m a tad embarrassed about that, but on the other hand, I’m all “I am woman, hear me roar!” So, yeah. That said, I’m still trudging through our Dick Van Dyke memoir. (He’s a great writer, but I’ve been slowing down in my reading.)

I’m thinking about what handmade gift I’ll be making for Hadman this Christmas. I’m between two things in my head, but am leaning in one direction: it will involve felt. Oh, yes. It will. The other thing will probably be a “when I feel like a project” type of thing. It’s way less fun. And, yes, I’m being super secretive. Neener, neener! 

I’ve been feeling pretty tired this week thanks to our annual Book Fair. It’s a one-man-band scenario, so it’s sometimes hard to get a bathroom break or grab my lunch (and I’ve had classes still coming in most of the week), but I also tend to feel energized by the thing. How can that be? Anyhoo, it’s kind of my mental kick-off to the holiday season. At the same time, I’m feeling super excited every time a new gift shows up in the mail, knowing I’m getting on top of my $#%@. Feels purdy good.

I can’t wait to be eating (that’s poor grammar, I know) that Thanksgiving feast. This year is my “mom’s year” which just means we’re going there for the meal (and probably small dessert), then off to Dave’s family’s to have more dessert and hang-out time. While I pretty much enjoy most of the fixings on Thanksgiving (boiled squash, not s’much), my absolute faves are the stuffing, gravy-gravy-gravy, and *homemade* pumpkin pie. Oh, yes, I’m very much a pie snob. Must be homemade. I’ll eat others, but I will die a little inside. 😉

OF COURSE, I’m dreaming of the holidays ahead. The fact that we (Dave and I, both!) have TWO WEEKS OFF again this year at Christmastime is insane and awesome (and I’m sure I’ll be sick of it by the start of week two). I’m doing well with my shopping, although I’m still planning a Black Friday excursion, even if to just one store. *I didn’t say Thanksgiving shopping, BTW, so don’t raise an eyebrow at me.* Side note: Totally had a weird dream about being at the March for Freedom with Martin Luther King, Jr. back in the day, although I didn’t see him for a second, was just surrounded by a mass of people in super realistic clothes (I could feel the fabric as they brushed by me, so real!). It was an out-of-body thing, totally.

So, what about you guys? What’re you reading/thinking/feeling/eating/dreaming lately? Share in the comments! Let’s chat!

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4 thoughts on “Currently {11/21}”

  1. Reading black friday ads, thinking of buying snow tires, feeling OK, eating nothing (at the moment – I'm typing, of course! LOL), dreaming of some vacation time next week! (How about that for a very concise, yet thoughtful reply? 🙂

  2. Awesome reply! Hope you can enjoy the vacation time, and good luck Black Friday shopping! Are you plotting where you'll hit?

  3. Book Fair! I used to volunteer every Spring and Fall when my kids were in elementary school. I loved to help the smaller kids find books to add to their lists. I wish it was as “parent friendly” in middle and high school.

  4. Cool! We don't have volunteers (because I'm clearly insane) or a jr/sr high one (because I'm not insane enough – I'd have to run it). It is a fun time!

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