Currently – September 5th

Mwahahahaaaaa!!! I won’t say that I lied last week (because I technically didn’t say I was giving up on my “currently” check-ins); just that I’d be sporadic. And today’s part of that. *wink* That said…

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Anyone else feeling like watching a John Hughes movie? No? Just me?

I’m currently loving Spark People for quick, at-home exercises. I know. I said “loving” and “exercises” in the same sentence. Going insane, clearly. Anyhoo, there are a million videos, and there’s a range of levels (say ‘hello’ to a definite beginner). Oh, and the best part is that I can fit in a quick-but-sweaty 10-minute workout in before Dave gets home with the kiddo. I’m also up for any other “please don’t kill me” free exercise vids. Needless to say, I’m not into those self-punishing sites. Just want to get the blood pumping and energy levels higher.

I hate to say it “out loud” for all to hear, but I am kinda craving the autumn weather, along with its old sweaters and cups of hot things and dead leaf smells. Yup. I guess those first days of school are harsher when the temperatures mock the mild summer you’ve just had. (Dude. It’s going to dance around the 90 degree mark today.) Or, maybe I’m craving one last hurrah to a beach, since I didn’t get an official stick-my-feet-in-sand-and-enjoy moment this summer. Either/or.

Although he was super demanding this summer (and, really, what toddler isn’t?), I’m definitely feeling the burn of seeing Hadman head off to his SUPER patient, SUPER gracious grandma’s house for another school year. He’s starting to understand now where I go (although he’s never visited; I can’t seem to find an appropriate time for him AND my students), and is starting to get that I am spending time with other kids. Big kids. He’s not the happiest about it, but at least he’s pretty flexible. Y’know. As far as stubborn toddlers can be.

I’m questioning my finances right now. Dave and I have been embroiled in plenty of house talk (no arguments or major disagreements or anything, thank goodness) and decisions of when and where we want to move…and how…and all the other important life questions that accompany those thoughts. So, what do I do when I feel like I’m floundering and keeping life at a standstill? Why, visit the internet, of course! Going to hit up Our Freaking Budget some more to get some advice…y’know…for a person who absolutely cannot keep track of her spending and who SUHUUUCKS at budgeting. One of those. (I try not to spend. That’s my current method. “Don’t spend a lot. Then occasionally buy yourself something purdy. (Usually for the house or for the kid, honestly.) Then go back to not spending a lot.” It’s gotten me this far, but we’ve got goals here, people!)

I’m trying not to be a “worrying” person. There’s only so much control we really have over ourselves, but given the sheer amount of worrying that my mother did (single mom + 4 kids of varying ages + very limited funds + a natural propensity to worry) gave me an idea of how I didn’t want to live life. Sure, she was an incredible parent and did an awesome job, but I’ve discovered just how much energy is wasted by worrying. It pops up here and there, at particularly stressful times, but for the most part, I keep it under control…and enjoy life as it comes. 🙂

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