Currently – August 8th

Howdy, folks! Welcome back for this week’s “Currently”.  And, yes. I got a big package (while we were away, of course) and the huge ass box is still sitting in the living room…along with a couple of box aficionados.

I’ve been craving some end-of-summer family fun. Blueberry-picking (Hadley and his daddy’s favorite; I’m not a fan of them as a plain snack, so freezing some for pancakes and muffins is more my speed). More animal-watching at the zoo. Maybe a picnic. A trip to the beach. More ice cream and unhealthy burgers and pulled pork sandwiches at the local seasonal shops before they close for late fall/winter. Oh, yes, it will be done.

Okay, yeah. I’ve been doing the suckiest Donna Reed impersonation as far as cleaning goes lately. My mom does a spring AND fall cleaning — do you guys do that? — and I hardly got the spring stuff done. However, looking around I’m seeing cobwebs and dust that I need to get a-scrubbin’. Since we’re still getting the place ready for possible sale later this year, I don’t want to do a huge cleaning since I know I’ll be doing another one later on…but, yeah. I’ll be chipping away at it before school starts…or maybe after. 😉

I’ll admit it. I’m daydreaming lately. What else is a lazy summer afternoon for? My daydreams usually consist of thinking of the luxury of staying home with the munchkin (all year ’round) and writing to bring in an income. Oh, and having Hadley stay this age and size for at least, eh, 3 more years. That’d be nice. I also recently started a journal, so it’s nice to get some of my thoughts out on paper (literally) and know that they’re safe and sound and left unjudged.

Hadman’s hair was growing like a mop of weeds. My mother and I have given him a couple of haircuts (my last one was a butcher job and I haven’t lived it down…), and he had a more recent “real” haircut (which was more of a trim, actually). So, I finally wielded the scissors again…and massacred his bangs. Crap. The rest looks fine, but thank goodness for hats, amiright? If only I could figure out what I did right the first time… Poor kid. Poor Daddy.

Yup, I’m still reading my Marmee & Louisa book. It takes me FOREVER to finish a book, but I actually think that my goal of finishing a book this summer will be met. See, between watching a toddler and being exhausted by the time I sit down to read (book + past-9pm = zonked), it takes awhile to get through. Plus, Dave says that I read headier stuff so it takes longer. That’s a polite way to say it, but I’ll take it.

That’s the latest around here! I’ve stalled on my outdoor projects, mostly because I got out of the habit of forcing myself to do something everyday after our vacay. So, yeah, I’m back to self-loathing, but I sure am enjoying wasting naptimes to read or watch a movie. 🙂 What’s currently going on with you guys?

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4 thoughts on “Currently – August 8th”

  1. I'd much rather do it on my own (empowerment…control…whatever reason ;-)) but I suck!!! LOL Your success rate frickin' rocks! My failure rate is at 66%. 😉 My mom was a hairdresser, so I feel totally ashamed about that fact.

  2. I just this week finally recycled a giant Amazon box that's been on our back porch since Easter! In my defense the kids like boxes so it's been pulled into the yard a few times but yeah, boxes have this tendency to stick around our place too 🙂 Kudos on your daydream and cleaning is for losers ::high five!:: 🙂

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