Currently – August 1st

It’s weird. In a way, I’m like, “Dude. How is it already August 1st?!” In another way, I’m like, “Okay, that sounds about right. The summer isn’t going THAT quickly.” Either way, it’s disappointing, but I’ve enjoyed being lucky enough to be home with the munchkin everyday. Plus, every year seems to go faster, for better or for worse, so I know summer will be upon us before we know it, and there’s a buttload of fun to be had in the meantime.

Here’s this week’s currently…I’m goin’ vertical this week. 😉

I’m seriously needing to stick my feet in some sand and warm lapping water sooner rather than later this summer. I’m hoping to possibly take the monkey to a lake some place locally to get the job done. Just once a year, that’s all I need.    

This mama’s been listening to her inner self and working on finding some balance. This is ongoing, but finding rewarding external and internal rewards for a job well done or achieving a goal here and there helps.

 She’s also been trying to rack her brain (since when did this blog turn third person?) to remember all the child rearing advice she’s ever heard to deal with “not listening,” “screeching and crying the instant he hears no,” and “asserting his choices which are against parents’ orders.” Not the “he’ll grow out of it” or the “just wait until three…” or the “that’s nothing; my son did such-and-such” advice. The real advice that gives you something — anything — to try. Internal giggling to relax myself and gain perspective doesn’t seem to cut it anymore; I detest this sort of thing. The fact that it isn’t a constant and he still shows huge signs of the sweet, joyous boy I know does help.

I’ve been learning about some updates and new ways to use the SmartBoard in my lessons this year. Professional development, peeps. Good times. Daniel Tiger’s been teaching me a lot this summer, too. And Wild Kratts, Hadman’s new favorite. Of course — animals.

I’m not jumping back into school mode quite yet. After receiving our assignments in the mail, I find myself already dreading and detesting some changes that weren’t made. Instead of letting it all thrust anxiety into my chest, I’m holding on to summer a bit longer. Enjoying the luxury of my little man and my at-ease mind.

We haven’t had a lot of building going on lately; mostly fixing, sprucing, painting, patching, scrubbing, wiping, sanding, rolling, etc. Yep, still working on the house as long as the weather cooperates. We want to be ready to put ours on the market when the right one comes along; way better to do it now than try to run around and get it done during the school year. Besides, we all know I won’t have EVERYTHING done and will have to scramble a bit, but I know I’ll appreciate the stuff I’m doing now later.  

So, that’s it this week! What’s currently going on in your neck of the woods? Listening to anything cool? Learning something new? Jumping into anything not-too-gross? Do tell!

Late to the party, but linking to Harvesting Kale and Ot & Et‘s linky shindig. Thanks, ladies!

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