Pops All Around

Alrighty, time to vote! (And this time, there’s no mud-slinging coming from either side. Lord, I hope not.)

We’ve had some wicked hot weather the past couple of weeks, and I’m thinking we’re in need of a treat or two. Aaaaaand, of course…I can’t make up my mind about it all. Of course. Do y’all know me? 😉 Nice to meet you, I’m Mrs. Indecisive.

I’m having a hard time figuring out which style of popsicle makers would suit our needs best. I’ve seen a million awesome popsicle recipes lately and I’m dying to get in on the action (and hoping and praying that our monkey’s into super cold treats).

At the same time, I’m trying not to get too hung up on the “what will look best photographed and shared on the blog” part (which is hard for me…I’m an aesthetic person) and to focus more on the “what will make the least mess when used by a toddler” area.

So, meet our contenders… 

(Side note: How badly I wanted to call this the “Ice Pop Maker Fight to the Death” or some such thing using the word “hell”, but adding “AKA Pops for Tots” in the graphic. But I refrained. Aren’t I a lady?)

I’ve heard about these silicone ice pop molds for awhile now. One of my favorite blogs/Facebook pages shares them frequently, and how well they work to put, frozen, into her little ones’ lunch bags (and they have a slushy smoothie type of snack by lunchtime). Clearly, we’d use them in frozen form, but they’d be neat to have for the future if we’re into that type of snack.

They seem like they’d be easy enough for him to push up and would give the right amount of popsicle-y goodness as he needed it…vs. having an entire popsicle melt all over him since he can’t eat it fast enough. So, there’s the big “pro”, but I’m not convinced. Like, there’s a point to making a popsicle a POPSICLE, y’know?

I’ve also kinda fallen in love with this option. I’m still not sure whether I’d select the “classic” option or the round option (they’re both super cute). They’ve got drip guards (but would that really matter?) and both the above option and these have about the same 3+ ounce capacity. While these don’t look as awesome as the traditional ones with wooden sticks that you see all over Pinterest, they’d probably meet our toddler-y needs the best, y’know?

Either way, these pops all remind me of when my mom used to pour plain ol’ orange juice into freezer trays with plastic wrap and toothpicks in them when the summers got super hot. Yeah, she was a rad mama, and always made do with what we had. Let’s just say I’m super lucky that I have the luxury of selecting such a specialized little item to make my little guy (and the dorky daddy…okay, and me) happy.

Anyhoo, feel free to vote and leave opinions and comments below! Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Which type of ice pop maker should Meg get?
The tube-style maker
The Zoku mould-with-sticks-style maker
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