In honor of our little monkey man’s second birthday this Sunday, I thought I’d share a list of his recent words and phrases that have us cracking up…or saying “awww!” while wiping away a tear. Either or. This is also completely selfish because a) I’m forgetful to the max, b) the baby book doesn’t have cool parts for this stuff, and c) um, we haven’t done great at keeping up on that, anyway. So, without further a doo-doo (I know, I know, it’s adieu)…

One- and two-word sentences are the cool thing at the moment. He’s too busy, I’m sure, for anything lengthier. 😉 You also must read the below words/phrases on the higher pitch spectrum. Not super high-pitched, but up. Friggin’ adorable.

So, some of the sounds-mundane-but-makes-us-downright-giddy words have been…


“Okay!” (it’s the WAY he says these!),

“Honey!” (thanks, Pooh),

“Happy!!!” (my heart melts),

“Babies” (no clue why; maybe his dolly; yes, he has a couple),

“Guys! Okay, guys.”,

“Bub” (tub, of course) and “wawer”,

“Good” and “bad”
(soooo helpful when teaching right from wrong! He think Winston’s the naughtiest kitty, apparently),

“mama dada boo!” (practically one word, said in that order, meaning family; Boo = Beardslee),

“Jappers” (Jasper),

the occasional “Wee Wee” (Winston’s nickname),

and various body parts (nose, eyes, toes, etc.) and a good number of letters and numbers.

Every day there’s a smattering of new awesomeness. I can’t keep up.

Aaaaand the piece de resistance: When I was in the shower over the weekend, Dave and Hadley were watching old Donald Duck shorts. It showed a sign that said “Out to Lunch”, and before Dave knew what hit him, Hadley said “out to lunch.” In shock, Dave asked if that’s what he said (he’s never used the phrase before, ever) and, nonchalantly, Hadley answered “mhmm.” Oh, that? It ain’t no thang. Just reading off the TV screen before I turn 2. No big. Jaw. On. Floor.

So, it looks like we’ll be working on sight words sooner than later!

The real reason that this stuff gets me so dang excited is the fact that, for the past, eh, year and a half to two years, the poor little guy hasn’t had a say in ANYTHING. Imagine. Not being able to communicate except through screams, a few hand signs, and guttural noises. It had to have been incredibly frustrating. The more that he plays with his language and sees how we react to different words (always super excited when he displays a new one, letting him know it’s okay to try them out and okay to make mistakes), the freer he seems in his personality.

For example, I’ve always asked yes/no questions, and for the longest time he would just say “uh-huh” and “uhn-uhn”. Sure, he still does that a bit, but now it’s a direct “yes!” or “nooooo” with gusto and energy in every single response. He definitely knows the importance of inflection and he’s putting himself into the lines already, folks. He’s a little Barrymore, he’s so friggin’ entertaining. I’m also trying to give him more choices so that he feels like he has a bit of a say in this little ol’ thing called life. “Pancakes?” “Hmm…noooo.” “Eggs?” “Um, no.” “What, then?” “Burries!!!” (Berries.) Guess who had a crapload stack of fruit for breakfast.

Oh, and I said “Well, those people suck” when folks wouldn’t let us cross at the supermarket yesterday. “*Mumble mumble* yuck.” Same inflection and everything. Oops. I knew full well it was a copycat moment and had a very quick, very important conversation about what he should and shouldn’t say — and mentally whacked myself over the head for saying it in the first place.

I guess it’s Swear Jar time, Mommy. And I’ll be putting the most cabbage in. Der.

So, mamas and papas (and anyone else with an opinion) out there. Am I being crazy? Is this “First Child Syndrome”? Is it weird to want to try to remember this stuff?  

2 thoughts on “Hadleyisms”

  1. Not weird at all! My son's baby book is pretty full. My oldest daughter's book…. meh. My youngest? I'm running out of pages. I guess because I knew she would be my last, I'm more aware of what she does every day. I wish I had been more observant of the other two.

    When my oldest started Kindergarten (we didn't do preschool), his teacher approached me about a month in and said, “You know your son can read, right?” I was all… “Duh, of course I do!” I had no clue. He had learned to sight read. I thought he was just repeating me when we were reading books together, but he was soaking it all in!

    My middle child didn't say anything understandable until she was at least three. I was worried, but she opened her mouth one day and words just came tumbling out.

    Yuck is wayyyy better than son of a biscuit… without the biscuit. 🙂 I think I need a swear jar too!

  2. Whew! So glad I'm not the only one!!

    So cool that he knew how to read and you didn't know it! Surprise!! 🙂

    “Sucks” was a huge swear in my household growing up, so I'm feeling huge childhood guilt over that one. Son of a something-or-other is a good one, though!

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