Spring Cleaning Week #3

The past couple of weeks, you’ve been dragged along with my spring cleaning drudgery adventures. Depending on what type of environment you inhabit, my to-do lists may seem far too simple — or, for that matter, far too complicated. You may live in a two-story (or more) house. You may live in a single-story ranch. You may rent a small apartment. Since all of these scenarios are incredibly different, I’m trying to come up with a “this is what I’m doing…here’s a slight variation for your situation” type of list. If I’m off-base, or if you have more time to get things done way quicker (or are more efficient with your time than I am, which is TOTALLY possible!), feel free to adjust it.

But, in order to actually get the cleaning done, I need to section it up like a huge meal. Gotta make it easier to eat and digest, right?

So, after last week, most of our downstairs (living room, dining room, kitchen, and any other “random” spaces like a sun room, if you have one) should be done, including storage spaces/closets and stuff like ceiling fans. I didn’t mention doing your refrigerator or windows, which I actually undertook this week (don’t worry, I totally rushed to get OTHER stuff on my list done…it’s weird how, when the cleaning bug actually does bite, you end up cleaning the most random of things), so I’ll add them to the list.

Windows, upstairs and down. You’re not really supposed to clean these on a super sunny day (#streaking), but waiting for an overcast day that’s not raining (#backsplashnightmare) is like waiting for a rainbow unicorn bearing ten wishes and endless chocolate. Don’t hold your breath. So, even if you have to do one roomful of windows a day (then place the cleaning solution in the room you want to do the next day as a visual reminder — by the way, I use a vinegar-based thing and rags. I’d rather use reusable than a buttload of paper towels, so I use one rag for wiping the wet stuff and a “dry” one to help with streaking), it’ll get done by chipping away at it. Don’t forget to wipe down the screens and that filthy “in between” part…you know what I’m talking about.

Fridge and freezer. I start at the top shelf and work my way down, emptying the shelf (and throwing away anything that’s expired or, y’know, “questionable” — embarrassed how often this happens), using an eco-cleaner (or hot water and dish soap) and a rag, wiping down the sides and back of the fridge, too. Pretty much the same thing goes for the freezer. Defrost if you must, but I’ve never had to do this. Maybe my freezer’s not efficient(?)

– Head upstairs. Wipe down your bathroom walls, clean the toilet (inside, out, around, and behind…ick), clean the sink and tub/shower, attack any lime with white vinegar, mop the floor, clean the mirror…the works. {Side note: If you have a downstairs bathroom I apologize, but you’ll have to clean it this week, too. The perks of being a one-bathroom household!}

– While upstairs, start attacking the office. At least do the cleaning side of things — windows, vacuum/dust mop floors, dust, dust the walls and ceilings, clean ceiling fans, and at the very least, tidy up.

Next week: Bedrooms, any other closets, and going through office crap.

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