Springing Back to Life

The show is officially done, after some wonderful audiences and far too much fun had on the part of the cast. And, of course, during the day last Saturday I started with the postnasal yuckiness, so by this point I’m part sad and part relieved that things have come to an end. I’m going to miss my buds (and even a new friend or two! Hooray for getting out of the house!), but I’m ready to get back to some normalcy.

While my head feels like it wants to fall off and my brain is having a tough time formulating, um, y’know, words, I thought I’d mention a few things that I’m jonesin’ to get into that I’ve put off over the duration of the show. Time has a tendency to stand still and life gets put on hold while a person does a show. Not complainin’; just how it is.

So, yeah. When I finally get some rest and feel normal again, I’m hoping to turn my focus to SPRING (said in a sing-song fairy voice) and tick a few things off this ol’ list:

Spring cleaning. Ugh. I’m far from excited to get this done. I’m actually not sure the last time I actually COMPLETED a spring cleaning checklist. I get enough of it done, but not EVERYTHING. This year, since we’ve been chatting back and forth about making a possible move this spring/summer-ish, I’ve gotta find a way to actually get this fully accomplished. Even if I have to take it a week at a time, it’ll get done — and I’ll bring you along for the ride, of course. You lucky, lucky folks, you.

Spring-ify the joint. Kind of in line with spring cleaning, I’ve gotta turn my attention to the fact that I’ve still got winter-on-the-brain; at least, as far as my decor goes. We’ve still had FREEZING temperatures and snow, so the fact that we’ve got *gasp* temps in the 40s later in the week makes everyone excited even more for spring.

So, I’ll officially wipe off my “Let It Snow” chalkboard art (maybe I’m the jinx who has made winter stay put all along…oops) and take down my rustic winter scarf decor (a variation of which I’ve had since Christmas) and figure out a brighter, lighter, and probably simplified decor scheme. For my husband’s sake, if for no other reason. 😉 Heck, I finally pulled down the Christmas cards last week, but I don’t think he was impressed.

(Pssst. You know what that means. I’m gonna be wasting more time on Pinterest soon!!)

Start a-paintin’. I think we’ve pretty much finalized the color we’re going to do the dining room (wait for it…), so I’d like to hit up Lowe’s and grab a buttload of primer to get the show on the road in there. I also need to freshen up our kitchen cabinets, inside and out, with our usual white trim paint…which opens up Pandora’s box since there’s probably a thousand other places that need a little touch-up while I’m at it. 

Hoeing out. Along with spring cleaning comes the inevitable urge to get rid of stuff. While I tend not to “spring clean” the basement, I’d like to take a stab at ours as far as organization and what we actually NEED to have down there is concerned. I may end up hosting a spring/early summer garage sale to help with the excess.

So, what about you? What are your spring plans? Are you already done with your spring cleaning, or is it not a part of your vocabulary? It’s hard for me not to get bogged down with the guilt of cleaning every square inch of your dwelling this time of year; my mom raised me with insanely high standards. 🙂 Love ya, Ma!

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