Wordless Wednesday Doodle

I started physical therapy this week since my knees have been giving me some trouble ever since I was pregnant with Hadley (way to get on that, Meg…that was two years ago). My physical therapist is awesome, and I noticed that her instructions for my home exercises looked strangely similar to the doodles that Roo at Neon Fresh (one of my favorite irreverent blogs) uses to enhance her posts/crack up her audience…

Seriously, sorry it’s so small. I took it from Instagram and that’s the best I can do with it. You can’t see it well, but she at least put smiley faces on the lil’ dudes…which makes it just slightly less awkward when actually performing them.

Here’s to loosenin’ those hamstrings, realigning those thigh muscles (the names of which escape me), and getting those meniscuses (menisci?) back to normal! Happy Wednesday, folks!

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