Scripted Wordless Wednesday

I can see that the ever-popular “Wordless Wednesday” blog posts so rampant in the blogosphere will be a best friend over the next few weeks. It isn’t that I don’t want to write; I simply haven’t much time or energy with rehearsals and toddler-parenting and life. So, to use a photo to give some insight onto my goings-on is a quick, thousand-word way of letting you know what’s up.

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And, of COURSE, it’s of a script.

That’s what happens when you do a show; it’s with you everywhere you go. For superstitious me (Irish actor? Double threat…), I can’t go any place without my script. If there is ANY chance to look over half a page of lines, I’ll take it. But even when I know full well that I won’t have a spare moment to glance at it (this picture was taken after a full day of work where, needless to say, I didn’t look it over), I can’t be without it until the show is over.

Even when we’ve done a couple of performances and we know we’ve got things handled, it’ll drive me insane to know that my script is lying backstage there. Lonely. Not being used. (It’s happened.) My superstitious side also says that I’ve jinxed myself if I seem so aware of my lines that (gasp) I don’t even need to take my script home. I will inevitably go blank onstage. Again, it’s happened.

But, as crazy as this all sounds, I’ve mellowed. I used to sleep with the book under my pillow (particularly for one of my favorite shows, a 3-person one with lots of lines to memorize). 

I know this is Wordless Wednesday, but do you really expect me to play by the rules? AND shut up? Good luck with that. 😉

Any wordless things going on with you?

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