Randomly Sick

So, today makes the second day that I’ve stayed home with a fevery toddler (I, too, have come down with the same virus; Dave was home with him Wednesday, too). It was running high there forever and after our scare last fall, we’re particularly cognizant when this happens. No more seizures, thank you very much! (We’ve been lucky to have no repeats, by the way. Super lucky.)

So, while I try to learn some more lines and Hadley giggles along with Daniel Tiger, I thought I’d share a quick list of “I can’t wait”s.
I think it seems to be a general consensus that everyone is over winter. I’m not necessarily upset by it or frustrated or anything…but I can’t WAIT to enjoy this stage in Hadman’s life…in warmer weather!!
This means I can’t wait…
– to walk! This is twofold: 1) just getting outside with the family, and 2) since I just started physical therapy, I’m hoping these will be pain-free walks (we think that it came from how I walked while pregnant, which didn’t adjust back to normal post-baby)
– for Easter!! I know it’s awhile off, but as a kid, it was the first sign of spring. The Easter Bunny brought simple things (a little candy, an outfit or PJs or socks, cheap canvas sneakers, and (most importantly) outdoor toys like a jump rope or bubbles), and he does that still. This year we’ll color eggs and hope that our bunny buddy hides them. I also know for a fact that Mr. EB has gone organic and will bring us some Annie’s gummy bunnies. I’m also hoping he’ll bring a small herb growing kit (like the one Mommy found recently at Target…ahem), and you just can’t have too much fun with bubbles.
– to do some planting. I have no idea if it’ll be easier or harder now that Hadley is mobile. Last year, it was tough to get anything done outside (plus, he hated to touch the grass). He has changed so much and is a lot more adventurous, so I’m hoping that good ol’ bunny brings a child-friendly garden trowel to have a digging buddy. Oh, and to get him into watering; that’s a must.
– to cook and eat out. I don’t mean in a restaurant; I mean on our back deck. I don’t expect to do this every day (for some reason, it’s a hard switch to make in our routine), but the occasional meal outdoor sounds lovely right about now.
– for summer. Our vacation last year wasn’t really a family vacation. Because Dave was switching from his former job to a new one, he wasn’t allowed to take any of the time he had long since requested, so there were things we didn’t do that we wanted to and a camping excursion that he hardly took part in – but we’re just so lucky that he has the new gig that it was worth it. This summer, he gets to work different hours to have a shortened workweek (which will also make any 3-day trip we may want to take even easier). Just the thought of where we can take the little guy gets me excited, even if we haven’t decided yet where to go.
Okay, back to the line-learning! What are some things that you guys are looking forward to? Anyone else waiting for the big melt?

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  1. I don't know if I would say I'm sick of winter quite yet . . but I am grateful that the days have been getting longer and I'm looking forward to not having cold hands all day! 🙂 Eating outside sounds lovely too.

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