Gettin’ It Together – Office Edition

“I hate this. I just hate doing this. This is the stuff…that I hate!” Of course, this one-sided conversation (which my husband thoroughly enjoyed observing) was riddled with profanity and laughs and squeals of frustration, but that’s the gist of the thing.

Sure, I’m not a fan of cleaning. Few people are; and those who are are unique.

But, when it’s office cleaning — organizing, really. Filing. Sifting. Paperwork. *cringe* I’d clean 10 toilets first. Which, of course means that the stacks pile up, and how. So, here’s what we started with…

Blech. Just…ick. Not dirty, just messy. And this year, I need a space specifically dedicated to wrapping. The living room floor just isn’t cutting it (although I’m sure I’ll miss watching my old Christmas movies while wrapping).

Here’s the “after.” Not perfect (there are still unceasing piles, but at least everything has a place), but it’ll fit the bill. Oh, and I finally flipped my Beatles calendar to December (from October, LOL). I think it’s appropriate that the last month of the year is the “Let It Be” month. Nice thought to end on before heading into the new year.

The workspace, just waiting for wrapping paper and gifts…

…and surrounded by some of my most prized possessions. Or, should I say, my favorite people? Dad…

…and Katharine Hepburn. She’s my home girl. (Side note: Only valuable thing in the place. Don’t consider breaking in; it’s not worth the trouble. 😉 And by trouble, I mean the arse kickin’ I’d give ya.)

Looks like Winston’s ready to get into the presents, too. (That’s a fraction…and, no, the Imaginext superhero thing isn’t for Hadley, it’s for a toy drive.)

Here it is with some wrapping paper (and spare wrapping paper and a box of ribbons underneath; fits perfectly!) ready to get underway. I suppose there are no excuses left! 

Have you found any ways to simplify you usual Christmas craziness? If nothing else, this is definitely an early present for Dave. The office is his little sanctuary, and while it isn’t his impeccable (hello, pile of presents and half-wrecked scratching post), it’s still refreshing and always a joy to do something for Dave that didn’t spend a cent (and, consequently, will make him happier than almost anything I could buy).

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