Bathroom Update #4

Ha ha!!! It’s been many, many months since our last bathroom check-in.

Okay, that sounds weird. Of course we’ve been using the bathroom all summer. Silly me. Let’s try that again.

It’s been awhile since I last checked in with our bathroom re-do progress. 🙂 Better.

Don’t be thinking I’ve been sitting eating bon-bons and watching Real Housewife re-runs…’cuz I don’t eat bon-bons and I’m not a Real Housewife fan. (Not to mention, we don’t have cable, so there’s that.) “Who Do You Think You Are?” online, however…

Back on track. I’ve been working little by little on putting down our laminate tile squares; up to the toilet, at least. Everything was on hold until I painted the quarter round (primer and three coats of semi-gloss white). I had been on a roll for awhile, laying flooring during nap times, painting a coat or two during nap times…until I wasn’t on a roll. It’s so easy to get one’s momentum halted, isn’t it?

So, this week, I finally finished the last coat, and with my stepdad’s help with toilet moving/reinstalling and cutting trim down, the last of the big ol’ projects was done. Finished. Complete.

Bathroom Update #4 - image  on

Bathroom Update #4 - image  on

Bathroom Update #4 - image  on

I’m not 100% done. (Of course.) Here’s what we have left:

– Hang floating shelves
– Hang towel hooks
– Hang art
– Clean and fill built-ins
– Wash and change out shower curtain
– Accessorize!

See? The kinda fun stuff. Sure, a couple of those things are “need a hand from the ol’ mister” jobs, so God knows how we’ll do a noisy shelf installation with the baby sleeping in the nearby nursery, but we’ll figure it out. Seeing the light so close to the end of the tunnel, I’m hoping we’ll get to finish soon. Woohoo! The end of the race is coming.

Bathroom Update #4 - image  on

Watch out, you naked wall-over-the-toilet! You’re about to get shelved. And yer gonna like it!

Oh, and if you’re interested in the process so far (and the “before” picture…ick), check here, here, and here. And here‘s a look at the art I’ll be using.