Handmade Birthday Party

Hey, folks! Things are well under way for a super duper first birthday for our little monkey this Saturday. I’m still working on putting together certain finishing touches and last minute food (going for freshy fresh), but thought I’d share some of the decorations I’ve whipped up for the special day. After all, what says “We love you, buddy!” more than handmade stuff?

First of all, I’m hoping to hang several sizes of poufs around my mom’s carport ceilings, if I can get up that high. Otherwise, I’ve seen them strewn on tables, which will look cool, too. They are currently, however, sitting in plastic bags awaiting their transport to the party place. So, you’ll have to wait to see a picture of the whole set-up, in case you don’t already know what a “pouf” is. Well, there are a couple meanings, but ANYhoo…segue!

Ahem, speaking of hanging, I also cut up some triangles for a few pennant banners to reuse year after year. Eco, baby! And cute, at that! Oh, and the effort in this one might’ve been futile, but I made a felt birthday crown with my expert sewing skills. (snicker) There’s a 50/50 chance the kid’ll wear it, but I can snip the “1” off and put on other numbers or a star for next year. Try, try again! 🙂

Details, details. I’ve done up some little cards with facts about Hadley’s birthday (like what famous people share it) for fun. I also whipped up some “time capsule” forms that folks can fill in for Hadley to read on his 18th birthday. Hopefully I can find room for all this stuff!

We even have a mini “banner” for the smash cake, which I totally eyeballed and am shocked that came out so sweet. Aww. Again, hope to use it next year, and the next, and the next…. Oh, and I yarn-wrapped the “H,” which will probably find its way into Had’s room.

The last non-food homemade goodie we made for the day is THE BEST. And, of course, who made it? The dorky daddy, himself. Yup. He’s my very own personal director, cinematographer, editor, etc., so with plenty of tears, he spliced together a full year’s worth of pictures and videos, boiling it down to just over 14 minutes of bittersweet memories. So. Emotional!

Out little monkey is a big boy! He’s even taken his first few steps over the last week or so. Sigh. These first birthday celebrations are as much about the fact that the parents survived the first year as they are about the baby (not that the day is about us — it’s 100% him).

So, that being said, off to work on the food! Can’t wait to share how it all goes. (Side note: I’m a tad anxious about it as if it was a tiny wedding. Is that weird??)

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